Milo Ventimiglia is still not over the internet fascination with his Micro Gym Shorts

By Melissa Romualdi.

45 seconds ago

Milo Ventimiglia said the internet’s reaction to the viral image of himself wearing short shorts is not what he expected.

The “This Is Us” actor appeared last night’s episode of “The Tonight Show,” where he talked about the viral image that was the trend in 2021, which he has since commented on calling his shorts a “normal length.”

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“It was so much – I really had no idea,” he told Jimmy Fallon, revealing it was the “best leg day” of his life. “So when I train, I’m with my trainer Jason Walsh, and we’re just you know, a kind of meathead who throws around a lot of weight. And when I train, I pull up like my shorts. So when I left the gym and the picture were taken and then it went bananas – it went crazy. Literally crazy. Which made the internet crazy. “

Photo by: Paula Lobo / NBC
Photo by: Paula Lobo / NBC

Fans went out about the paparazzi picture.

“And they say, ‘Oh my god, Milo is wearing short shorts this summer, these are short shorts,'” he continued. “There’s all these articles about Milo and his short shorts. And I’m like, guys, they were actually really normal lengths. I just have some kind of fleshy thighs, and I pulled them up, and I went out, and they stuck. . “

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The 44-year-old star earlier approached the photo in May last year by posting her own close-up of the shorts on Instagram with the headline “Ride em high kids.” Shortly after, he told The Talk “that everyone” shouts and shouts “after his shorts.


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