Neha Dhupia on criminalizing clicking on pictures of breastfeeding mothers: It’s such a big win

‘This is such a huge victory’. Such was Neha Dhupia’s reaction when the news that England and Wales criminalized the act of photographing a breastfeeding mother without her consent came on the internet. Neha went to the Instagram handle and wrote: ‘As a mother of two and as a new mother breastfeeding her little one, this is a huge gain and is the need of the time.’

Neha’s words will surely resonate with a lot of other new mothers who had to defy all glances while breastfeeding their eternally hungry newborns. It is not only the unpleasant looks that make it challenging for the new mothers, but the constant anxiety and fear of being filmed or photographed while doing so because it is not legally legal after all.

While some joined Neha to spread the jubilation after hearing the good news, many commented on her post and asked what about a law that would protect the images of the breastfeeding mothers uploading them of their choice.

Whether you agree with Neha’s views or are ready to have a debate with her, it can not be argued that breastfeeding mothers have to go through many ordeals while eating in public. In the midst of all this, even the smallest steps can seem like a huge victory to many, especially when not much is being done to solve the problem.

breastfeeding mother

Moreover, what makes this a welcome step is the fact that it can help breastfeeding mothers feel a little more liberated from the constant fear of being filmed during the act.

Although it may take some time for society to accept breastfeeding in public places as a natural phenomenon and the need for the new mothers who can not roam around to find a decent place just to feed their newborns, but steps like these continue to provide us hope.

It is high time that people get over the stigma of breastfeeding in public places and start helping new mothers feel comfortable and free from judgments while doing so.

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