Netflix removes beloved Betty White project just days after her death

Netflix is ​​soon going to lack a bit of Betty White’s magic. A few days after she died at the age of 99, Netflix removes Pioneers of Television: Betty White – First Lady of Television. The thesis was originally produced by PBS.

Betty White – First Lady of Television came out in 2018. You’ll have to act fast if you want to watch it on Netflix. The streaming service revealed that the thesis is leaving the platform on Wednesday, January 11th. The documentary followed White’s extensive career. Of course, it focused especially on her TV work, including her roles Golden girls and Mary Tyler Moore Show.

The film depicts many of the historic “firsts” that White achieved in her career, namely the fact that she was the first woman to star in a sitcom, the first woman to receive an Emmy nomination, and the first woman to who produced a national television. show. Incredibly, White was also the first woman to appear on television ever, as she appeared in an experimental broadcast back in the 1930s. Betty White – First Lady of Television is one of the many specials produced about the life of the beloved actor. In fact, another documentary, Betty White 100 years young – a birthday celebration, is set to be released on January 17, which would have been her 100th birthday.

On New Year’s Eve, it was reported that White had died. She reportedly died while in her home. After her death, her longtime agent and friend Jeff Witjas confirmed the cause of her death. He also disputed allegations of her death, including that it was allegedly the result of receiving a COVID-19 booster vaccine. An image was recently spread on social media claiming that White told his followers, “Eat healthy and get all your vaccines. I just got boosted today.” Witjas said, “Betty never said that.”

“Betty died peacefully in her sleep in her home. People say her death was related to getting a booster shot three days earlier, but that’s not true. She died of natural causes. Her death should not be politicized – it is not the life she lived, “Witjas said PEOPLE. “She never said that about the booster. Betty died of natural causes. She did not have the booster three days before she died.”


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