New Blood Star does not think Dexter really cares about his son Harrison

Clancy Brown, who plays antagonist Kurt Caldwell on Dexter: New Blood, does not think Dexter actually cares about his son Harrison.

Dexter: New blood star Clancy Brown does not think Dexter actually cares about her son Harrison. Showtime began airing its 10-episode limited series in November, hoping to remedy the poor reception of Dexter season 8’s original ending. Brown plays Kurt Caldwell, a serial killer who has killed women, embalmed them and placed them in trophy cases for the past 25 years.

One of the biggest complaints regarding Dexter season 8 was that Dexter left his son in Argentina with Hannah McKay. Although the show explained that he did not want to get his loved ones hurt anymore, after Deb died, the decision never fell into good soil with fans or critics. New Blood has corrected that plot point, making Harrison a key character in all ten episodes. After tracing his father to Iron Lake, New York, Harrison begins living with Dexter and eventually tells his father about his dark inclinations.


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Though New Blood dealing with Dexter and Harrison’s bond after a decade apart, Brown does not think the former bloodshed analyst really cares about his son. In an interview with Collider, when asked if Kurt ever had any sincere feelings for Harrison, Brown said no, saying his character was a sociopath and did not care about his son, Matt. Brown’s full quote on the relationship between Harrison and Dexter can be read below:

I do not think sociopaths care about anyone, to be honest with you. I do not think Dexter cares so much about Harrison. I mean, he can try. And I do not think Kurt really cared that much about Matt. I think they care about what they mean to them in relation to their own existence, in relation to whatever and whatever it may be achieved. But I do not think Kurt had any illusions about love for Harrison. And probably Jack [Alcott] will not agree with it and maybe Clyde will disagree with it but I just think these people like this they are sociopaths. They really do not care about anyone else and they enjoy manipulating them. Sometimes they’re really good at it, and I think Kurt has become really good at manipulating much of his life around his addiction. But I do not think he’s a good guy at all. And by the way, I do not think Dexter is a good guy.

What Brown says seems to match the way Dexter was at the beginning of the original series. Dexter was originally looking for a boyfriend to look normal. After being with Rita for so long, Dexter began to feel genuine feelings towards her, which was a strange and unknown feeling for him. Eventually they get married, and when Harrison is born, he seems to have a strong bond with him despite having sociopathic tendencies. Dexter evolved a lot during the eight seasons that the original show was on the air, which is part of the reason so many were crazy that Dexter left Harrison last season.

Dexter has done his best to rectify the broken relationship with Harrison in this new revival series. Instead of telling him right away that he is a serial killer, Dexter did everything he could to get a normal relationship with his son by protecting him from the truth. In the end, that plan did not work out, resulting in Dexter killing Kurt in front of Harrison. It is unknown how Dexter and Harrison’s story will end in the season finale Dexter: New blood. However, such as the show has played so far, it seems that Dexter has been able to form a real connection with another person.

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Source: Collider

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