Pisces to Sagittarius: 4 zodiac signs that hate creepy things

There are two types of people. One who loves scary things and the other who hates them. There is nothing in between. So if horror movies, ghosts and creepy stories make them run far away from them, you are of course the latter.

While this does not necessarily mean that you are not brave, it does mean that you are not a fan of creepy things, or to be precise, that you are a hater of it.

Here are 4 zodiac signs that hate creepy things, according to astrology.

The fish

Anything and everything that includes blood, ghosts and fear of jumping is a big no to a Pisces. They are extremely weak-hearted people who could not see violence, whether in any form. They are peace lovers and prefer to avoid situations that may indicate otherwise. That’s why they hate creepy things from the heart of their heart.

The zodiac sign of Pisces


These attention seekers have a strong aversion to creepy things. They believe that prevention is better than cure, which is why you will never see them explore haunted places or watch horror movies. Ghost stories give them nightmares and they prefer to avoid such conversations. They are otherwise brave people, but dealing with creepy things is not their cup of tea.

The zodiac sign of the lion


Virgos can be described as cowards, when it comes to dealing with creepy things. They will be the first to leave space if you start telling a story involving ghosts and supernatural things. Be it from their past experiences or a result of their imagination, they are extremely afraid of haunted things and hate them greatly.

Virgo zodiac sign


A shooter also hates creepy things. Haunted movies never attract their attention and they prefer to lie in bed all day rather than watch a horror movie. For them, it’s about their mental peace, which of course scary things can never provide. Therefore, they prefer to stay away from things that can send chills down their spines.

Disclaimer: Although these features are generic, these are primarily focused on your zodiac sign qualities; All of the above features are not necessarily applicable to you.

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