Pokémon: The 15 Most Powerful Fairy Moves, Rated

Since its debut back in Generation VI, the Fairy type has become a real threat in Pokémon game. Introduced as a way to combat the once overpowered dragon type, Fe creatures are immune to the attacks of the giant lizards. They resist Bug, Dark and Fighting, but are vulnerable to Poison and Steel. Finally, the Fire type is resistant to Fairy.

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A generally strong and consistent type, Fairy has a total of thirty-five features, including Max, G-Max and Z-Moves. More than half are non-harmful status traits, and only two of its harmful traits are physical. This makes Fairy a special type, which does not bode well for physical attackers like Granbull or Mawile.

Updated January 5, 2022 by Jake Koran: Fairy-like moves can be incredibly dominant, mainly due to their relationship to Dragon, Dark and Fighting, three types that can cause many problems. With some action-packed actions and others that significantly increase their users’ stats, some of the Fairy-type best features should be an integral part of any player’s list.

15 Fevind

While not the strongest among Fairy attacks, Fairy Wind is a consistent option that should not be ignored, especially at lower levels. Some of the strongest fully developed pure Fairy-type Pokémon learn it early, giving them a reliable attack for use in combat.

Fairy Wind has a base strength of 40 and a base accuracy of 0f 100%. It gets outclassed at higher levels, but it’s a powerful enough attack to get the coaches through some of the more challenging early matches.

14 Disarming voice

Sylveon uses Disarming Voice against Fletchinder in the Pokemon anime

Like Fairy Wind, Disarming Voice is not the best Fairy-type movement out there. It has a base strength of 40, which prevents it from being one of the strongest options as players go through a game. But what makes it better than Fairy Wind is its accuracy. While Fairy Wind has an accuracy of 100%, Pokémon can still be missed because the user gets the accuracy lowered or the target increases its evasiveness.

Disarming voice, however, bypasses the accuracy check, giving it a substantially guaranteed hit, eliminating specific circumstances such as confusion, the target entering a semi-invulnerable turn, etc. Disarming voice also affects all adjacent opponents, giving it more viability in doubles.


13 Draining kiss

Froslass uses Draining Kiss against Falinks in battle

Introduced in Generation VI, Draining Kiss is the only Fairy-type HP drainage feature. It does damage and also restores the user’s HP with 75% of the damage dealt. It can be further improved by using a Big Root, which increases the drainage force by 30%, making it a valuable combination.

Draining Kiss is influenced by Protect, Mirror Move and Heal Block. Twenty-one Pokémon learn this trait by rising in level. It is TM87 in generation VIII and can be taught to a total of sixty-seven Pokémon.

12 Nature’s madness

The Guardian Deities of Alola, from Pokemon Sun & Moon

Nature’s Madness is a trait used by the four guardian gods: Tapu Koko, Tapu Lele, Tapu Bulu and Tapu Fini. The move has a base accuracy of 90%, so it is not guaranteed to hit, but it does more often than not. Although it does not have a specific base power, Nature’s Madness has the effect of halving the target’s current HP.

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It loses some of its viability against many other opponents who would be more easily defeated with a standard attack, but it is incredibly useful against enemies that have a massive HP state.

11 Spirit Break

Grimmsnarl uses Spirit Break during combat

One of the signature moves of Generation VIII’s Dark / Fairy Pokémon Grimmsnarl, one of Galer’s most violent-looking creatures, Spirit Break, is a damage-inducing feature with 75 Power and 100% accuracy. It is said that the user attacks with such force that it can break the spirit of the target.

Spirit Break also lowers the target’s special attack by one step, and it can be considered the Fairy counterpart to the Mystical Fire feature. Grimmsnarl learns this attack at first development. It is one of the two physical fairy traits. From generation VIII, it is not a TM, TR, HM or Move Tutor feature.

10 Geomancy

Xerneas uses Geomancy in a Pokemon game

Xerneas, perhaps the strongest among Kalos’ legendary and mythical Pokémon, has a signature feature in Geomancy that can help it dramatically in battle. It’s a two-round move, and the first turn consists of the Pokémon charge. On the other, Xerneas gets a significant boost to his special attack, special defense and speed, each with two steps.

The fact that Geomancy takes two rounds to use may make it seem less viable, but as long as Xerneas does not faint on its first turn, which it probably will not, the movement can allow it to sweep.

9 Dazzling glow

Tapu Lele using Dazzling Gleam in Pokémon anime

One of the original Fairy-type features introduced in Generation VI, the Dazzling Gleam has 80 power and 100% accuracy. It damages all adjacent Pokémon but not allies, making it an incredibly reliable attack that can get trainers through some tough doubles battles. It does not make contact in the games, even if the opposite happens in the anime.

Dazzling Gleam was TM99 in Generation VI, Pokémon Sun & Moon, and Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon, TM32 inches Let’s go Pikachu & Eevee, and TR92 in Sword & Shield.

8 Strange steam

Galarian hissing using Strange Steam in battle

One of the most inspired regional variants to date, Galarian Weezing appears to be based on Victorian gentlemen’s hats. Its design also draws inspiration from perfume bottles and chimneys. A Pokémon with a unique writing, this Poison / Fairy creature has a signature feature, Strange Steam.

Strange Steam has a pull of 90 power and 95% accuracy and also has a 20% chance of confusing the target. Due to its status as a signature feature, it is not a TM, TR, HM or Move Tutor feature. It’s one of several traits that Galarian Weezing learns at Level 1.

7 Sparkly Swirl

Pokemon Charger Go Eevee

That let’s go games introduced several signature moves for partner Pokémon, Pikachu and Eevee. These benefit them greatly and make them far more viable in combat. Through a trainer’s journey with their partner Eevee, the Pokémon can learn an attack from each of the types that it can normally evolve into.

Sparkly Swirl is a Fairy-type feature. With 100% accuracy and 90 basic strength, the movement also heals the user, its allies and all Pokémon in the trainer’s group for all non-volatile statuses: sleep, poison, paralysis, freezing and burning. In addition to being one of the cutest Normal-type Pokémon, Eevee becomes much more capable in combat with the help of this star trait.

6 Play Rough

Game Rough is used on a Rolycoly in battle

Play Rough is a damage-inducing feature introduced in Generation VI. It has a base power 0f 90, but is only 95% accurate. It is the second and final move of the type Physical Fairy and has a 10% chance of lowering the attack statistics of the target by one step.

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Several non-Fairy Pokémon can learn Play Rough by leveling up, including Growlithe and Arcanine, Miltank, Yamper and Boltund and Cufant and Copperajah. It was TM44 in Let’s go Pikachu & Eevee and TR90 in Sword & Shield.

5 Guardians of Alola

A Pokemon uses the Guardian of Alola in a Pokemon game

Guardian of Alola is a Z-Move of the Guardian Gods and is a more powerful version of their signature Nature’s Madness. Unlike the standard version, the Guardian of Alola bypasses the accuracy check, and instead of cutting half of the target’s current HP, the movement cuts 75%.

Like the Z-Move, it can usually only be used once per week. battle, and just like with Nature’s Madness, it’s sometimes better to use a standard attack. However, there are many situations where using the Guardian of Alola gives coaches a significant advantage in a matchup.

4 Moonblast

Aromatisse uses Moonblast against Grapploct in battle

Another of the many features of the Fairy type that was originally introduced in Generation VI, Moonblast is both special and damaging. With a base power of 90 and 100% accuracy, it is one of the most powerful Fairy features in the game. It also has a 30% chance of lowering the target’s special attack by one step.

Moonblast is not a TM, TR, HM or Move Tutor feature. Thirty-nine Pokémon can learn it by going up in level, and two, Alolan Vulpix and Cutiefly, can learn it by breeding. In addition, two event-exclusive Pokémon – Kimias Shiny Gardevoir and Tanabata Jirachi – joined the movement.

3 The fog exploded

Swirlix using Misty Explosion in battle

Introduced in Generation VIII, Misty Explosion is a 100-base power, 100% accurate damage-relieving feature. After treating said damage, the user immediately faints. If the Misty Terrain is in force, the traction force increases by 1.5, taking it all the way to 150.

It’s a Move Tutor feature, only available in the 2020 DLC, Isle of Armor. It can be learned by 22 Pokémon and affects all Pokémon adjacent to the user, including allies.

2 Cannon flower

Pokéball-colored Magearna using Felur Cannon in battle

The signature movement of Mythical Magearna, one of the best dual-type Fairy Pokémon, Fleur Cannon inflicts 130 damage, but also lowers the user’s special attack by two full steps. It also has 90% accuracy, which makes it even more problematic. Due to its status as a signature feature, it is not a TM, TR, HM or Move Tutor feature.

Fleur Cannon can be seen as the Fairy equivalent of movements like Overheat, Draco Meteor and Leaf Storm. They all have 130 base power and lower the user’s special attacks hard afterwards.

1 Let’s cuddle forever

Mimikyu uses Z-Move Let's Snuggle Forever in a Pokemon game

The Z version of Play Rough, Let’s Snuggle Forever is also Mimikyus’ exclusive Z-Move. As such, Mimikyu must know Play Rough to be used, and the trainer must have a Mimikium Z-Crystal. It has an absurdly high 190 base power and it bypasses the accuracy check.

Let’s Snuggle Forever affects both the targets and the user’s allied Pokémon. This can be worrying, but given the massive damage it inflicts on opponents, it is often worth it. The attack was introduced in Pokémon Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon.

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