Ring has just launched a $ 40 glass break sensor for CES 2022

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Rings Alarm Pro DIY security system is an impressive product that ticks almost all the necessary boxes. It can safely monitor your home, but also get help when you need it. In addition, it is easy to customize. It’s our best choice for a security system, but there’s one piece in the puzzle that was missing – a glass breakage sensor.

And Ring finally puts all the pieces together with this one-size-fits-all $ 39.99 Ring alarm glass break sensor. In fact, it is the company’s only announcement at CES 2022. It can be pre-ordered now and starts arriving on February 16th.

A glass breakage sensor is an important tool in a security system because when it is placed in a specific room, it can listen for the sound of glass being shattered. When detected, it will alert you like a door or window sensor.

Until now, it has expensive work around too Ring alarm customers have been a touch sensor on each window for complete coverage or just a few of them on scattered windows. And of course, this can get more expensive depending on the amount of windows you decide to cover. Alternatively, you can use an Echo smart speaker or monitor with Alexa Guard to listen for broken glass.

The small, circular Ring alarm glass break sensor can be placed on any level surface or mounted on a wall. As Ring does with most products – doorbells, cameras and sensors – they include the necessary mounting equipment in the box and it will listen to noise up to 25 feet away. So just download the Call app for Android or iOS to complete the setup.

In order to distinguish the Ring’s glass breakage sensor from the competition, it uses AI to correctly identify sounds. This way you will not be warned with every loud noise of keys or other more normal ambient sounds – like stacking plates or dropping a plate.

We have not had a chance to test it yet, but we imagine that Ring’s team worked with the Amazon Alexa team to best detect these types of noise. It is crucial that any glass breakage sensor accurately identifies when glass from a window actually breaks so that you are not inundated with false messages. In this case, since it is connected to a ring alarm system, it could mean a false alert to a call center or an abundance of inaccurate messages. However, given Rings track record in this area and our testing of Alarm and Alarm Pro’s many other sensors, we have confidence in this latest product.

Ring’s glass breakage sensor is not the most exciting announcement from CES 2022 – Samsung has a fancy projector, Sony has Mini LED TVs and Dell has an elegant laptop – but this is a big launch in the world of security systems. It also fills in a missing part of the Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro system.

For it is unique use of AI and deep integration with Ring or Alexa, it’s a finalist for Best Smart Home Product from CES 2022. We’ll share our full finalists later this week, ahead of the top picks in each category.

You can pre-order the glass break sensor for $ 39.99 from Amazon, and it is expected to begin arriving at customers on February 16th. We imagine at the time that Ring might update some of the Ring Alarm and Alarm Pro Kits to also include this sensor in the base price.


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