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Blue has always been my favorite color. I use it every Friday in honor of my daughter’s battle with type 1 diabetes. I usually choose it in furniture and other decorative colors. My grandchildren’s blue eyes also give me joy.

And on the mountain, the blue trails are always a bang.

Blue – or intermediate – trails are for me a chance to relax, feel the turns, enjoy the surroundings and just enjoy a perfect skiing moment.

Not that I do not love a good black race – extra challenge is great. And I completely take the long, winding green paths everywhere I go.

Men Blues? They hit almost every cute spot that makes skiing and horseback riding wonderful.

Across New England, there are plenty of amazing blues to embrace. Here are a few of my favorites.

Sapphire, Okemo, VT: Lapping Sapphire has long been one of my favorite blue run experiences, and now, with the addition of the resort’s new Evergreen Summit Express quad, replacing the classic triple that was once there, it’s even better.

Sapphire – like most of Okemo’s blue and black trails, it’s just wide enough to really make some fun, wide turns, but trees in a way that is completely New England. It throws in a few double fall lines for extra fun, and it’s almost always impeccably groomed, which means you can fly with and enjoy it all in a cool and fun way.

It clears out a lot of other choices once you have taken a few good laps. Go down. Dive down for a little more challenge, and finish at the Solitude base for a snack or lunch.

Pro type: The solitude section is often less skiing – go there when the rest of the mountain feels busy.

Roper’s Road to Conifer Connection, Wachusett, MA: Wachusett is a hotspot of amazing cruisers, and thanks to their top lifts, you can get some serious verticals in there almost any day (or evening).

My favorite blue there is one though, I like to stop by and enjoy. Roper’s Road winds its way up to skiers right on the mountain and loops you around to the place you can see the Boston skyline from. Take it, stop and wave to all the people who are stuck at work, and then continue to Conifer, where you can increase that speed and cross all the way to the base – and then do it all over again. It’s magical.

Pro type: One loop, cut off to Lower Balance Rock and follow the signs to Bullock Lodge, where they serve hot cider and hot cider donuts, possibly this author’s favorite nosh on slopes anywhere.

Ecstasy to Cascade, Sunday River, ME: Hop the fast Barker Mountain Express quad, and then happily glide down the appropriately named Ecstasy. It winds just enough, yet cuts the mountain down in a way that helps you build just the right speed. Turn into the Cascade for the rest of your run and enjoy a slightly narrower and classic New England vibe. You empty out at the Barker base, where you can eat, rest or just enjoy the ambiance of the ski resort.

Pro type: Cut over to the Upper Sunday Punch for another nice blue right in the same general area.

Crawford’s Blaze, Bretton Woods, NH: When my girls were growing up, this was one of their favorite trails. It has top to bottom appeal that we all love. It has the view that makes Bretton Woods special. It’s twisted and fun to jump in and out of the trees on. But most of all, it’s a wonderful blue cruiser that you can happily cut down on.

The trail is accessible from the resort’s shiny new gondola or from the Zephyr High Speed ​​quad, giving you options. It’s also just below the resort’s beautiful new eatery (and heating), Rosebrook Lodge, which you simply have to experience.

Pro type: To get a longer blue, which is completely feasible for most skiers and riders, check out Two Miles Home, a long fun run that takes you past lovely homes, wooded places and gives you a variety of views. There’s just something about looking at Mount Washington from all the angles that hit right.

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