The 10 most popular Netflix shows of 2021 according to Google Trends

2021 was an unusual and amazing year for TV shows. The year opened doors to never-before-seen hits and unexpected underdogs. While the pandemic may have caused the miserable year of 2020, the entertainment industry boomed to new heights in 2021. TV shows have gained significant popularity in recent years, especially on streaming services. Netflix, Disney +, Hulu and many more have become great platforms that give their audience the perfect binge session, especially during the pandemic.

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With streaming services raising millions, TV shows broke records in 2021. As Play squid topped charts to and Disney+ Marvel TV series gave fans a new saga, Google recently listed the most popular and searched Netflix shows in 2021. As the year ends with huge hopes for 2022, the list brings the perfect summary of the unique year of TV entertainment.

10 Firefly Lane

firefly lane kate tully

Despite its melodramatic, clich├ęd and soapy history, Firefly Lane has an emotionally charged, romantic themed consistent line in his heart. And while the Netflix series may not have caught the attention of critics, the show captivated fans with its corny, yet relatable and heartwarming narrative.

The story unfolds in layers as it explores the relationship between Tully and Kate. Firefly Lane focuses on their 30-year-long friendship since their days as neighbors, as the title suggests to their midlife crisis. An extremely addictive 10-hour binge, the show runs through its old-fashioned narrative in season 1, leaving audiences desperate for its return.

9 Ginny and Georgia

georgia is sitting at home after a long day in netflixs ginny & georgien

A show centered around a tender mother-daughter relationship seems to be Gilmore girls over the whole gain; however, this Netflix series is anything but. Ginny and Georgia is a mix of thriller, comedy, and growing genres.

The show follows a cunning mother and her alienated relationship with her children, dealing with a life crisis in love, relationships and identity. The drama for young adults had a strong start in early 2021, and it has been buzzing popularly on Google’s radar for a long time. With ten episodes in season 1, fans could not be more excited about the show’s renewal. And while the show received mixed reviews, the many story lines and brilliant cast managed to get attention, spurring newer expectations from season 2.


8 Manifesto

Manifesto Season 4 Ben Michaela Stone Josh Dallas Melissa Roxborough SR

With its official announcement of last season, Manifesto definitely marks a new hit for Netflix after its potential cancellation. The dubious renewal of the series even seemed sinister to the story itself.

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The plot revolves around the characters’ manifestation after apparently disappearing years ago in an unknown incident before their plane could land. The leading brother-sister duo tries to fit the pieces and investigate the truth behind the missing plane incident. After Netflix downloaded the series, Manifesto hit new heights with a streaming rating record that rose for six weeks in a row, even after being pushed from No. 1 spot on their rankings.

7 Sweet tooth

Christian Convery as Gus in Sweet Tooth

At the end of his Marvel stay, Robert Downey Jr. did. a successful comeback with a family adventure series Sweet tooth. Renewed for season 2, Sweet tooth was one of the unexpected underdogs in 2021.

Based on the cartoon by Jeff Lemire, produced by Warner Bros., DC Entertainment and Team Downey, the series focuses on the birth of hybrid babies, taking place in a post-apocalyptic world where the pandemic has wiped out half the population. A parallel realism of what the world is facing at the moment, the story is an emotional roller coaster that starts slowly while the last half reveals several hidden mysteries. The series presents an appealing aesthetic, and the main character Gus’ innocence and optimism eventually get the audience’s attention.

6 Lupine

Omar Sew in Lupine Season 2

2021 is truly the year for thrillers to take the front line. The French mystery-thriller series about Assane Diop, who seeks revenge on his father’s untimely death through fraud and theft, is a must-watch for an enticing audience.

The show brilliantly displays unique visuals with an intense story and brilliant central performance to tie the entire series together. As one of the few non-English series to break the 2021 record, Lupine received a monumental positive response from the audience. With its unofficial season 3 announcement, the fast-paced series is ready to bring in new mysteries and adventures.

5 Cobra Kai

The Revival of the Ancients Karate Kid series, Cobra Kai, is ingeniously written and redesigned nostalgia that shows fanfiction at its best. Reviving a beloved franchise is a risky business considering it has to appeal to the newer and older fans. However, Cobra Kai is a wonderfully successful comeback.

With the show teasing Johnny’s bow of redemption and the follow-up to Daniel’s life and their relationship with each other, Cobra Kai provides a new perspective on bullying and its consequences. And with newer and fresher plot lines and characters, the show exceeds expectations and gives Karate Kid fans a much-needed unique series to get through the end of 2021.

4 The Witcher


The fantasy hit show has garnered attention since its first release in 2019 and has only skyrocketed since. When Henry Cavil repeated his role, the show became even more intense during season 2.

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The Witcher is perhaps not as cruel as Game of Thrones, but it still has its share of violent fight scenes. The action scenes also have well-supported images, which are beautifully constructed. The dark fantasy created for fantasy-loving adults exhibits the beauty of “The Continent” and the atrocities that its characters face. The successful show has even been scheduled for its prequel in 2022 following its phenomenal release of season 2.

3 Money robbery

A picture of Tokyo dressed in a red jumpsuit in Money Heist

After four long years of planning and planning, Money robbery bowed out at its epic finale in 2021. The paper house, the Spanish television series known as Money robbery, was chosen by Netflix in 2017 and became a worldwide phenomenon.

Following its season 1 success, the show quickly rose to the top to become Netflix’s most-watched non-English TV show. After winning accolades on various awards shows, the TV show became a fable to tell for generations, so much so that it also became a popular Halloween costume since its release. From the ingenious acting, the exciting cliffhangers and explosive technical craftsmanship, the show provides a perfect viewing experience. Alex Pina, the creator of the series, orients a simple idea behind the show’s success; Money robbery must be entertaining with characters that can evolve and show emotional relationships above all else.

2 Bridgerton

Daphne in Netflix's Bridgerton

From the luxurious period drama that takes place in the middle of extravagantly elegant mansions, the colorful, effervescent outfits and the elegant, sumptuous tea parties, Bridgerton became a surprising hit, with people all over the world watching it during its 2020 Christmas release.

A guilty pleasure binge-stand tv, Bridgerton seems like any other period drama; a simple facade of feminism, political quarrels and family clashes soon gives the show the ordinary story scandalous twists. And with the series’ varied diversity in its casting, it does not resemble anything that viewers would have already seen. The announcement of Bridgertons season 2, which soon fell after the huge success of season 1, was so much the more exquisite.

1 Play squid

Selected squid games

Topping the list would be the massive phenomenon in TV in 2021, which is without a doubt the underdog Play squid. The South Korean show took the streaming service to new heights, with 1.65 billion hours of the show seen in the first 28 days. Such numbers made it a matter of course Play squid would be the most searched TV show on Google in 2021.

A worldwide phenomenon, the survival show took a new spin on classic childhood games, while focusing the thematic core of the show on inequality and greed. The impact of the series was so enormous that it even appeared in 2021’s Halloween decor. Play squid became the biggest series the streamer had seen yet, with the show winning several accolades and awards for 2021. It created a cultural frenzy that still seems to be going on as fans wait a lot in anticipation of season 2.

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