The Book Of Boba Fat Spoiler Talk – Episode 2 ‘The Tribes Of Tatooine’

In the January 5, 2022 episode of / Film Daily, / Film’s editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by editor Brad Oman and Star Wars expert Bryan Young for having a spoiler discussion on “The Book of Boba Fett” episode 2, “The Tribes of Tattooing. “

Opening teasing:

In The Spoiler Room: The Book of Boba Fett Episode 2 “The Tribes of Tatooine”

  • Feedback
    • That robot dogs.

    • Sam widower stated the Rodian prisoner.

    • Jabba’s palace shot was recycled: The Recording of the Hallway 37 seconds inside Chapter 1 is a zoomed still image of Luke’s entrance to Jabba’s palace with smoke added and a forehead across the frame.

    • Nathan C writes in: “Do you remember in Chapter 9 of Mandalorian when Cobb Vanth (Timothy Olyphant) had drunk that coconut-like thing? I think it is. I know Cobb Vanth made it look disgusting “while Boba Fett drank it like normal water. Boba is also desperate for water.”

    • Baz McAlister pointed out: Out of the top-picture cast of five in the first ep, the youngest is 47 (Matt Berry). The rest are in the late 50s / early 60s. And two non-US-born POCs.

    • Alexandria from California: So in the scene on the street where Boba and Fennec are surrounded by people with shields, Boba and Fennec get pretty hard beaten until the Gamorrean Guards show up. I kept wondering during the scene why Boba would not use his jetpack to get out of the ring of shields. Do you think there is a reason for this? “

    • DR-MR

    • How did Bib Fortuna and Max Rebo escape the destruction of Jabba’s barge? Pablo Hidalgo explains “There’s always been some time between the first tire bombing and the last explosion, otherwise the good guys would not have escaped either. In the EU books of the 90s, there are plenty of survivors, including Max Rebo, Bossk and Bib Fortuna, so it’s not a new idea.I figured that the second those shutters closed on Jabba’s lounge and everyone ran screaming away (leaving Leia alone to strangle him), all those people ran * somewhere * … Whiplash and children first. “

    • Jakob, Anders and David from Sweden: Regarding the theme song. Ludwig Göransson seems to be strongly inspired by this song “Mattis and the Borka song” from the Swedish children’s fantasy film “Ronia, the robber’s daughter” from 1984. When he grew up in Sweden in the 80s, he certainly saw this, but I wonder if he did not get the rights to it, or if he just copied it. Slashfilm wrote an article about this.

    • Chris: It would have been cool if the stormtrooper in the Sarlacc tomb was a Clone Trooper, half consumed after decades, but still alive. Boba takes off the clone’s helmet to gain access to his equipment, looks him in the eye, and finishes him off as a mercy killer.

  • Some people have complained that Jango’s helmet is clearly empty, yes, actor Daniel Logan pointed out on Twitterr that you can actually see the shadow of the beheaded head in the movie flying away from the helmet.

  • Joseph Scrimshaw of the Force Center points out that the three most important Tusken Raiders in Chapter One are the young boy, the warrior, the leader, two roles Boba Fett has played in his life and critically a role he wants to have in the future. The leader sips to the water, which is everything on this planet, it is life and economy, it is a power for the leader to take or give.

  • Does the Boba Fett show have a Boba Fett problem?
    • I absolutely love that Boba Fett is not getting into his new role as crime boss, just slaughtering everyone left and right, but I’m a little confused as to why he was portrayed as being so kind-hearted in these post- “Return of Jedi “-flashbacks. Even Mando has to go from ruthless bounty hunter who is only interested in upgrading his armor to the big-hearted adoptive father of Baby Yoda. It is a marked arch. What will be Boba Fett’s bow? He goes from a guy who does not want to fight, to a guy who does not want to fight? The only thing I can see happening that gives Fett any kind of growth at all is a darker path than I expect to see from a Disney + “Star Wars” show. It feels like the only way the character changes at all is, if he becomes more ruthless, not more kind. It’s Michael Corleone from the “The Godfather” route or Walter White from the “Breaking Bad” trail. Would Disney go that far? I doubt it, but who knows?

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