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A trailer for the third wave of stories has been released Star Wars: The High Republic, and it teases a dark time for the Jedi. Wave 3 will complete the first phase of this epic saga Star wars fans have enjoyed. The trailer came with the following caption:

“It was a golden age for the Jedi and the republic. It was a time of great peace and prosperity … but all that will collapse. Who will survive when the light of the Jedi gets dark?”

I’m slowly getting through this series, but I have enjoyed what I have read so far. I would actually love to see some of these stories explored in the form of movies or series and it stays with The acolyte, which is set at the end of The High Republic era.

The High Republic saga covers “a golden age. A time of peace and prosperity. A time when the Jedi are truly galactic guardians, stewards of peace and justice.” The initiative was also described as the “Jedi Knights of the Round Table” at a time of “space Vikings.”

Wave 3 has kicked off with the release of Author Claudia Gray ‘s book The fallen star, which is available now. The description of the book is:

Time and time again, the vicious raiders known as Nihil have tried to bring the golden age of the high republic to a burning end. Time and time again, the High Republic has emerged battered and tired but victorious thanks to its Jedi protectors – and there is no monument to their cause that is bigger than the Starlight Beacon.

Hanging like a jewel on the outer edge, Beacon embodies the high republic on top of its aspirations: a center of culture and knowledge, a bright torch against the darkness of the unknown and an outstretched hand to welcome the farthest ranks of the galaxy. While survivors and refugees flee Nihil’s attacks, Beacon and its crew stand ready to shelter and heal.

The grateful knights and padawans of the Jedi Order stationed there finally have a chance to recover – from the pain of their injuries and the grief of their loss. But the storm they thought had passed is still raging; they are simply caught in its eye. Marchion Ro, the true mastermind behind Nihil, is preparing for its most daring attack to date – an attack designed to turn off the lights of the Jedi.

Watch the teaser trailer below and let us know if you enjoyed it The High Republic series so far.

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