New Teen Titans, Blade and more – the greatest creations by Marv Wolfman

In the last 50+ years across thousands of pages, author Marv Wolfman has created characters and stories that have stood the test of time. Many have become cartoon icons, and others have moved on to success in animation, television, movies, toys and more.

Newsarama is now looking back on the Brooklynite’s career to count down his 10 most resonant creations – many created together with longtime friend and collaborator, George Pérez.

Vigilante (Adrian Chase)

Vigilante (Image credit: DC)

During the day, New York City District Attorney Adrian Chase fought crime in the courtroom – but at night, he fought it on the streets as the unarmed Vigilante. Cut from the same fabric as 70s Charles Bronson and Clint Eastwood films, he was provoked after the mob murdered his family for continuing to fight crime on his own terms.

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