Ahmaud Arbery’s family cried when the verdicts were announced

Judge Timothy Walmsley said Ahmaud Arbery was “hunted and shot” before the sentencing of the three men convicted of killing the 25-year-old black man who ran in a Georgia neighborhood in 2020.

Walmsley described the events leading up to the shooting of Arbery and commented on remarks made by the three men, Gregory McMichael, Travis McMichael and William “Roddie” Bryan, Jr.

“In my opinion, Greg McMichael tried very early in this to establish a narrative. He came up with comments like ‘Ahmaud Arbery was caught like a rat’, ‘stop or I’ll blow you – and I will not repeat it again – slip away.’ “Effectively admitted he was not sure what Ahmaud Arbery had done wrong,” Walmsley said.

“Travis McMichael claims he was in shock, but it’s interesting because he talks about his concern for his child and his own well – being. Part of this was while the victim was actually lying there on the street,” the judge said.

“Mr. Bryan, he joined after shouting at McMichael’s ‘You got him all’, claimed he did not know what was going on. But would of course know if this person who was running through the neighborhood, who he did. ‘t know had been caught somehow, “the judge continued.

He said those quotes provide context for the video of the killing that was presented in court during the trial.


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