And just like that … Mr. Big was cut from the final

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Cut, cut go the scissors to Chris Noths last appearance in And just like that finale. While there are still four episodes left until the series ends its first season (and likely reveals Steve and Miranda’s relationship for the umpteenth time), let the producers of the show all get in on this non-spoiler. Noth basked in the spotlight like a pig in mud after his character, Mr. Big, was killed in Sex and the City restart, bout much like Icarus, he became humble almost immediately when more women came forward with allegations of sexual assault. Noth has denied these allegations.

Now, in what we can only assume is an attempt to protect the series’ ratings, Noth’s last scene, which would have been of him haunting Carrie as she scattered his ashes in Paris, has been clipped because the footage “was not narrative significant enough. ” Variety reports. Of course, Jan.

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