Animal Crossing Player shows off impressive Taco Bell Drive-Thru building

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player recreated the popular fast food restaurant Taco Bell in the game this week, complete with a drive-thru.

An Animal Crossing: New Horizons player made a detailed restoration of the fast food restaurant Taco Bell this week, including a drive-thru and parking lot next to the storefront. In the game community, players often create detailed builds like this, which does Crossing animals versions of pop culture sites, video game sites, and famous real-life locations. Has sold over 32 million copies since its release in 2020, Animal Crossing: New Horizons is one of the most popular games in the history of Nintendo.

Design is a big aspect of Crossing animals gameplay – players have been tasked with designing an island from scratch and making it habitable for anthropomorphic animal villagers and decorating it any way they want. As the game progresses, players build up their catalog – an index of items they have received from in-game stores, gifts from villagers, and other methods. The game already contained thousands of items that players could acquire, and the latest Crossing animals 2.0 update combined with the release of Paid DLC Happy Home Paradise – a design-centric expansion – has given players even more to work with. Players can also customize a large amount of these objects with patterns provided by the game, as well as those created by Crossing animals community, providing even more opportunities.


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Reddit user ruthiepee created a tribute to the popular fast food restaurant Taco Bell this week, creating a storefront for the Mexican-inspired eatery on their island, complete with a drive-thru. Skillfully placed stalls and panels make the front of the restaurant appear as in real life, and the cleverly designed drive-thru looks ready to pull in, complete with a menu and signs for entry and exit. Cars in drive-thru and the parking lot help complete the picture and mimic an active restaurant. The user even managed to take their last picture Crossing animals while Aurora Borealis danced across the sky, giving a strange cinematic feel to their interpretation of Taco Bell.

So much of this impressive design was made possible through custom design patterns – they have been used to create the logo-filled signs synonymous with the brand, the realistic asphalt that helps create an authentic parking atmosphere, and the menu full of Taco Bell items in drive- thru. The use of custom designs is almost always necessary when it comes to creating Crossing animals builds that require specificity to be recognizable, such as this one. While patterns play a big role in this build, it no doubt would not have been nearly as impressive without the use of elements from the 2.0 update, especially the update’s addition of cars.

A nice creation like this is an impressive reminder of how many players are active within Animal Crossing: New Horizons custom design community, and how big a role they play in how far players can go when decorating their islands. Not only do those in the game community have a keen eye when it comes to object placement – many are also talented artists. While a fast food restaurant may not sound as impressive as some other buildings, the sheer amount of detail that went into this competes, taking into account the patterns, architecture, and time it took to create it, any other popular in-game. creation.

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Source: ruthiepee / Reddit

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