Anti-Vax Podcaster Doug Kuzma dies of COVID-19 after participating in right-wing rally

Kuzma, 61, of Newport News, Virginia, fell ill shortly after the three-day “ReAwaken America” ​​event in Dallas, which included former Trump national security adviser and criminal Michael Flynn. Only a few people wore masks at the event. After several participants became ill after the convention, some were claimed without evidence that they had been secretly poisoned with anthrax.

On December 25, an administrator of the podcast network Frog News announced that Kuzma was in the hospital on a respirator and needed “heavy, heavy beans.” She also noted that the last post from him was a photo posing with the antiparasitic drug ivermectin, which some conspiracy theorists have taken as a treatment for COVID. (Studies have shown that the drug is ineffective against coronavirus and possibly harmful to those who take it.)

Trump-allied lawyer Lin Wood responded to the post by asking supporters if anyone could recommend a doctor – or a lawyer – to Kuzma:

His daughter, Amanda Kuzma, told The Daily Beast that he was a “great father. “


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