Comedian Faizon Love gives new details about the time he allegedly made out with a full Gabrielle Union [VIDEO]

Faizon Love, Gabrielle Union

Comedian Faizon Love gives new details about the time he allegedly made out with a full Gabrielle Union [VIDEO]

Faizon love proudly revealed more details of an interesting memory that he shares with Gabrielle Union.

Actor-comedian Faizon love boldly announced that he once locked lips with Gabrielle Union around 2007. During a performance on The Big Tigger Morning Show, that Friday actor told at the time he was in a club in New York City and allegedly drunk “having fun” with the actress. At that time, the two were filming the 2007 Christmas movie The perfect vacation.

According to Faizon, he was a little reluctant to go out that night, however Gabrielle convinced him to go. He claimed she was on a date with a retired basketball star Vince Carter, who had been traded to the New Jersey Nets by the Toronto Raptors.

Vince Carter

He started:

“So Vince and I had a drinking contest ….”

When he got off track, he mentioned it a show Soul Food actor (not Mekhi Phifer) also witnessed the kiss and would be able to support his claims.

As Faizon gave Gabrielle a “leading man” kiss, the comedian said the whole club screamed in amazement.

When one of the hosts jokingly told him to “stop telling [people’s business]” Faizon said quickly:

“That’s my case, too.”

The host pointed out that Gabrielle has never publicly stated or admitted to having been out with him. He answered:

“She never said I lied.”

It was not the first time he claimed the impromptu smooch party took place. In an interview with a former NBA player Kwame Brown, he told the story of what could possibly have been, the first time (publicly).

Gabbys husband, Miami Heat legend Dwayne Wade, was not offended by the old tale of his wife.

Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union

In fact, he made a now-deleted comic post about the alleged incident. He even took the time to photoshop some photos of Gabrielle and Faizon. The post had the caption:

What almost was [laughing Emojis] @faizonlove thank you for this eternal material I now have on my wife! # Wetsloppykisses # small levels. “

It was back in the summer of 2021, and Gabrielle Union have still not commented Faizon Love’s retelling of their brief moment of passion. At this point, she may never say anything.

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