Minecraft players spend 400 hours building Genshin Impacts Mondstadt on a 1: 1 scale

Members of the German Minecraft construction group Skyblock Squad have spent a total of 400 hours assembling Genshin Impacts by Mondstadt in a 1: 1 scale. Well, in fact, it’s on an even larger scale 1: 1.15, as Minecraft has “limited ways to get details into your builds”. Work began in August, so those hours were spread over about five months of work.

The building is absolutely stunning and some of the more important buildings even have full interiors. You can scroll down to see a timelapse video of the construction, or see more photos on Planet Minecraft, where you can also download the map to explore for yourself.

This is not the first time we’ve seen Genshin Impact rebuilt in Minecraft. Back in November, we were very impressed to see Albedo’s campsite faithfully recreated – it’s still a fantastic creation, but perhaps a little less impressive, now that we’ve seen the whole of Mondstadt recreated in the block builder.

Watch the video below.

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