Ms. Marvel’s shifting MCU forces hinted at in new cartoon

Ms. Marvel’s powers are on high on the pages of Marvel Comics as her potential new powers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe may come next

Warning! Spoilers for Ms. Marvel: Beyond The Limit # 2 by Marvel Comics

The Marvel Cinematic Universe seems to be changing Ms. Marvels forces in her live-action debut, and a new cartoon suggests that Marvel Comics could follow in suit. In a new preview to Ms. Marvel: Beyond The Limit # 2, Kamala Khan’s powers continue to go on fritz as the hero ends up encountering a copy version of himself.

Fans of Kamala Khan were surprised to learn that MCU is apparently changing the hero’s powers in her upcoming live-action series, enabling her to create constructions, unlike her usual comic book powers. Although the power changes have not been officially confirmed, advertising graphics teased new capabilities for Ms. Marvel. Interestingly enough, Ms. Marvel: Beyond The Limit Author Samira Ahmed previously revealed that the new miniseries would play with and explore Khan’s powers, adding that they “might be pushing for them.” She told EW: “I do not want to give any spoilers, but some questions will arise about the source of her powers and what it means.


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In a brand new preview of Ms. Marvel: Beyond The Limit # 2 (H / T @CBR) by Samira Ahmed, Andrew Genolet, Triona Farrell and VC’s Joe Caramagna, Kamala Khan finds himself trapped inside a Bollywood Musical led by Loki. After almost being trampled down by an elephant and rescued by a hero with similar powers. But for Ms. Marvel is her force on fritz, as the explosion in her cousin’s lab in Chicago somehow seems to affect her abilities. See the preview for Ms. Marvel: Beyond The Limit # 2 below.

Ms.  Marvel Powers

Ms.  Marvel Powers

Ms.  Marvel Powers

Ms.  Marvel Powers

Marvel has not confirmed that Kamala Khan’s powers are changing in the comics, and it would honestly be a disservice to the character and her identity if that happens. But her powers stalling ahead of her MCU debut, where her powers look very different, would be somewhat of a coincidence if they were not related, especially given the recent synergy between the live-action adaptations and the comics.

It certainly looks like Marvel Comics is making a big change with the character. The comics seem to be more likely to detach the hero’s powers from The Inhumans due to their recent failure at MCU. It would not be nearly as problematic as if they took her embigging powers or changed them drastically. Men da Ms. Marvel’s powers apparently become something completely different in the MCU, the comic book version can also see significant changes. Readers will find out more when Ms. Marvel: Beyond The Limit # 2 of Marvel Comics is in comic book stores on Wednesday.

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