Parents of US Capitol Cop travel hours to hug him on January 6th anniversary

Two parents traveled from upstate New York to the US Capitol on the anniversary of the January 6 uprising with one purpose in mind – to hug their Capitol police officer son.

“I desperately wanted to be here to give him a hug a year ago and could not, so we came down today to give him a hug,” said the officer’s mother, Kathee, CNN’s Donie O’Sullivan reported Thursday.

Kathee said she first realized the danger to her son from the violent mob of Donald Trump supporters “very early” that morning. “I started writing to him and said, ‘Be careful today, be careful.’ He assured me that he would be careful. “

“As the day progressed, we knew it was getting much worse and we did not hear from him for hours,” she continued.

Their son, whom she referred to as Josh, was unable to call her parents until around 11 p.m., she said.

“The first words from his mouth were, ‘I’m okay, but I really thought I was going to die. I thought they were going to kill me,’ Kathee recalled.


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