The first cases of ‘flurona’ diagnosed in American children with children ‘more likely’ to get it

Flurona is thought to be a combination of the two viruses, but it is not yet known if it is more dangerous than the common forms of the virus.

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California: Covid test company detects case of ‘flurona’

Several cases of “flurona”, a mixture of coronavirus and influenza, have been identified in children suffering from mild symptoms.

It comes after the first case of the hybrid viral disease was found in a young pregnant woman in Israel earlier this week.

Flurona is thought to be a combination of the two viruses, but it is not yet known if it is more dangerous than the common forms of the virus.

Researchers are now analyzing the cocktail of the two viral diseases to try to find an answer.

When talking about the diagnosis of children believed to have come down with flurona, experts have said that children may be more likely to get sick with the combination as they swap errors between them “like trading cards”.

One of the children with flurona was diagnosed Monday at Texas Children’s Hospital.

The first case of flurona was found in a young pregnant woman in Israel earlier this week


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The child was not admitted to the hospital and was, according to USA Today reports, recovering at home.

Dr. Jim Versalovic, pathologist-in-chief and Covid-19 command center co-manager at the hospital, told reporters Monday: “We will work with our colleagues across the country to see if there are more cases and if we will see a clear pattern. in these cases.”

Another case was discovered New Year’s Day in Brentwood, California, NBC Los Angeles reported.

The patient was a teenager from Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, who had been visiting the United States on a family vacation and was being tested at a cell phone center.

Steve Farzam, CEO of 911 Covid Test, who discovered the case, said: “Some very mild symptoms that could almost easily be confused with sinusitis.”

LA County officials say they have seen flurona before, though it may not have been officially registered. It would probably become more common, they said.

Dr. Frank Esper, a physician at the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Center for Pediatric Infectious Diseases, said it would most likely occur predominantly in children.

Two children in the United States have been diagnosed with flurona



“I expect to see lots of co-infections in the future, but I do not see anything to suggest that it makes Covid infections worse,” he said.

“These are two viral pathogens that we actually have medication for.

“Hands down, the biggest predisposition to having more than one virus at a time is your age, and that’s really kids under five.

“They all have viruses[es] run wild and exchange them as trading cards. “

The first case of flurona officially registered was in a young woman at Beilinson Hospital in Petach Tikva., Who was unvaccinated. Results from the hospital simultaneously demonstrated the presence of both influenza and the Covid 19 pathogens.

Local press in Israel reported that the woman was found positive for the two infections during analysis at the hospital in Petach Tikva.

The Israeli Ministry of Health is studying the results.

The woman has presented relatively mild symptoms of the disease that “cause difficulty breathing.”

However, the Israeli Ministry of Health is investigating the combination of the two infections to find out if it could cause a more serious illness.

Now, experts in Israel have said that several other patients have contracted the two viruses but have not been diagnosed.

Professor Arnon Vizhnitser, director of the hospitals’ gynecology department, said: “Last year we did not witness flu cases among pregnant or giving birth women.

“It is definitely a big challenge to deal with a woman who comes in with a fever at birth.

“It’s especially when you do not know if it’s coronavirus or influenza, so you refer to them in the same way.

“Most of the disease is respiratory.”

Vizhnitser added that the patient did not experience any unusually severe symptoms.

Information about the discovery of the new hybrid was currently limited, although doctors treating the infected woman say her symptoms are mild despite her unvaccinated status.

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