The Pope started 2022 by blasting a song from the hit RPG Undertale

For some reason, the pope has now heard one of the most iconic video game songs of the 2010s that Kotaku had seen. Yesterday, during a weekly audience, the speakers in the Vatican blew up Undertales’ “Megalovania” while circus performers juggled and rode a bicycle in front of His Holiness. There is also video evidence if you, like me, could not believe that this actually happened.

At the end of the circus segment, the song that backs up Undertales boss fight with Sans is played, and no one casts an eye. This jazzy, trumpet-filled version of “Megalovania” works pretty well with the performance, and the wide camera shots of the performers juggling balls while an expressionless audience watches make it extra surreal. That, and how it all takes place in front of the joking glory of Fazzini’s Resurrection. Maybe someone in 2023 will play the Halo theme or put something on from Deltarune.

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