Wes Anderson will direct Benedict Cumberbatch in the Roald Dahl film adaptation

Wes Anderson and his iconic style have impressed audiences from the mid-90s up to his latest film, The French broadcast, which premiered last year. Now the artistic director reportedly receives another Roald Dahl classic with The wonderful story of Henry Sugar for Netflix cast Benedict Cumberbatch! His previous Dahl film was the 2009 hit, The wonderful Mr. Fox, contributing George Clooney, Willem Dafoe, Jason Schwartzman, and more of Anderson’s collection of Hollywood elites.

Now he wants to add Cumberbatch to his line-up to play Sugar. The collection of short stories, which is a mixture of fact and fiction, contains stories about how Dahl became a writer and is a perfect example of what has repeatedly drawn audiences to Dahl’s stories. Combine that with Anderson’s unique style, and this will be an exciting recurring team-up for fans of Anderson and Dahl.


Cumberbatch is currently receiving an award for his portrayal of Phil Burbank in Jane Campion‘s The power of the dog and is currently contributing to Tom Holland at Sony Spider-Man: No Way Home. The film starts filming in London very soon, which is also interesting as Cumberbatch still has Doctor Strange in the multiverse of madness coming out this year as well as the potential award season for his work in The power of the dog.

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There is something about the worlds Anderson builds that keeps audiences fascinated by his work. What he did with The wonderful Mr. Fox pairs his style with an animated format that fits in, bringing stop-motion to his filmography in a way that just stays with you once you’ve seen it. Is there anything cooler than Dafoe as a rat? I do not think. So it will be a fascinating step for Anderson to return to Dahl’s world. There is no information on whether it will be animated again, but it will still be interesting to see. It’s a fun world that Anderson plays in, and he’s mastered his style and tone, which fits incredibly well with the worlds that Dahl builds, to see that mating should once again excite fans.

Anderson is one of our best filmmakers, and Cumberbatch has proven his talent time and time again. So it’s going to be fun to see the two working together, and who knows, this might just be the first of many team-ups for the two (which Anderson is known for doing with the people he’s worked with).

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