Who fans want to retire from the franchise in 2022

Many 90 Day Fiancé crew members have become franchise regulars, but viewers hope to see some personalities leave the franchise in 2022.

90 days engaged fans can enjoy the current season of 90 days fiancé: Before the 90 days, but viewers have been disappointed with the franchise content of recent seasons. Before the 90 days Season 5 is praised for finally featuring new franchise couples exploring their international romance, after the last several seasons of spin-off shows were criticized for having too many of the same couples. Discover which 90 days engaged Contributing viewers want to see leave the franchise and not appear in new 2022 content.

90 days engaged fans have accused later seasons of the hit TLC show of featuring romances that are staged and scripted. The same complaints have seeped into the franchise spin-off shows. 90 day fiancé: Happy in his time? season 6 continued existing plot lines to deliver compelling and staged content that few viewers thought was authentic. Franchise fans were further frustrated when they starred 90 days fiancé: The other way season 3 featured only two new pairs, especially when one turned out to be a flop and the other introduced franchise villain Steven Johnston.


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TLC angered most viewers with the cast for the current season 90 days: Single life. Fans were furious to discover how many franchise villains were included in the cast for the second season of the spin-off dating show. If Before the 90 days did not offer new pairs and fresh plot lines, many viewers had expressed that they would be done with the franchise. Now that new couples are being introduced, 90 days engaged fans hope the future of the franchise will see a steady stream of fresh romances, while outdated plotlines and troubled cast members remain in 2021.

Natalie Mordovtseva

Natalie Mordovtseva 90 Day the Single Life

Natalie Mordovtseva is a franchise cast member who many viewers believe has exceeded her welcome. Natalie and her now alienated husband Mike Youngquist aired their unhappy relationship for several consecutive seasons with franchise content that made viewers fast-forward through their segments. Although many viewers think Mike is as bad as Natalie, Natalie was called out for her eccentric ways and degrading attitude. Viewers were unhappy to discover that Natalie continued in the franchise after their split, which she now appears on Single life. Natalie has been called out for being rude, delusional, condescending, arrogant and generally unpleasant to look at.

Store Ed Brown

Big Ed Liz married for 90 days fiancé

Big Ed Brown is a cast member who made viewers furious as he continued to be cast in new franchise content. Like Natalie, Big Ed continues to appear in the franchise Single life season 2. However, Big Ed has even more serious complaints against him. Viewers first saw Big Ed demean and insult his partner Rose Vega Before the 90 days. His relationship with Liz Woods continues Single life season 1 then worried viewers because of how Big Ed persecuted her without consent. Big Ed was then slammed by viewers when a violent phone call he sent Liz was leaked, while allegations of abuse have also been made against him by an anonymous woman. Overall, Big Ed is considered uncomfortable at best.

Angela Deem

Angela Deem in 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After?

Angela Deem was first known to make viewers laugh as the eccentric meemaw does not have a filter and completely puts her colorful personality out there. However, Angela has since been panned for her increasingly alarming behavior. Angela misled her younger husband Michael Ilesanmi about her ability to have children and her desire for them. She then treated her husband in a controlling and violent manner that included shouting at him and trying to prosecute him illegally. Now Angela has become preoccupied with her appearance as she focuses on arranging her exterior and not her interior. Viewers are extremely tired of Angela’s vulgar and violent behavior and no longer think she should appear in TLC content, especially after blinking her breasts at Happily everafter season 6 reunion.

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Steven Johnston

Vanessa, Steven Johnston's ex-girlfriend 90 days fiancé

Steven Johnston joined the cast The other way season 3 and was quickly completely disgusted among viewers. Steven tried to use his Mormon faith to control his now-wife Alina. Steven expected Alina to abide by all the rules of his religion, including being a virgin until marriage and not drinking alcohol or caffeine. However, Steven admitted to having sex with several women, even when he was dating Alina. The reunion of the season then revealed that Steven was talking to nearly a dozen women online behind Alina’s back. Steven’s ex-girlfriend, Vanessa, even arrived to warn Alina that Steven was a liar, and to call him his predator and hypocritical behavior. Despite all this, Alina decided to stay with Steven. 90 days engaged fans hope the pair will never show up again due to Steven’s shocking behavior.

The Potthast family

Libby Potthast Andrei Castravet Eleanor 90 Day Forloved Happily Ever After

Libby and Andrei Castravet may have had the most stable marriage Happily everafter season 6, but the duo appeared to be very unbearable for viewers. Both Libby and Andrei have been called out for being arrogant, justified and spoiled. Viewers, however, were extremely tired of the couple due to their endless feud with Libby’s family. The Potthast family drama appeared as an incredible script for viewers as fans watched the Potthast sisters fight on TV while having fun together on social media. Many viewers accused the family of falsifying their drama so that Libby and her sisters could follow in the footsteps of franchise star Chantel Jimeno and secure their own spin-off show.

Jesse Meester and Jeniffer Tarazona

Jesse Master Jeniffer Tarazona Darcey Silva I 90 Day Fiance 3

Jesse Meester and Jeniffer Tarazona found romance with each other after divorcing their former Before the 90 days partners. The duo is currently performing Single life, where their romance is accused of being incredibly awkward and dull to look at. Many viewers have questioned whether Jesse and Jeniffer are falsifying their relationship for a story. Viewers already intensely disliked Jesse after his disastrous relationship with Darcey Silva, and his behavior with Jeniffer does not redeem him for fans. Jesse and Jeniffer do a lot 90 days engaged fans are shrinking as they now sell naked calendars online. Viewers would be happy if the duo never appeared in new content again.

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