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Instagram models hoping to secure a plane ticket from the rapper Young Thug will be disappointed.

The rapper shared a video on his Instagram story explaining why women should search elsewhere for that plane ticket.

Unlike his rap brothers, Thug does not fly women anywhere. In fact, he does not even take a woman on baecation.

“I do not fly b * tches anywhere, P! I do not fly b * tches in the city. I do not fly b * tches anywhere. I am not even any baecation type of ni ** a … Why should I, what ? What?”

Young Thug

Rachel Murray / Getty Images

He continued:

“I do not fly b * tches anywhere. No b * tch travels away from me. I am not the type ni ** a. Do you know what to say? Especially when I am fit and dusty …”

Thug did not provide any context for her video advertising, but a model probably mistaken him for a travel agency and got her feelings hurt.

Watch Thugger’s video below, politely

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