4 ways to find out if your partner is going through a difficult phase

Lack of conversation, long working days and zero interest in daily activities. Many of us confuse these signs with a lost spark in the relationship. But in reality, it may just mean that your partner may be in a tough phase.

While different people may react differently to difficult situations, here are 4 ways that will help you figure out if your partner is going through a tough phase.

So pay attention to these signs before dismissing your partner’s indifferent behavior as a timeout for your relationship.

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Sleepless nights

If your partner is sailing through sleepless nights, chances are they might be struggling with a hard phase. This may be due to extreme stress, fatigue or exhaustion. So before you think they are doing it purposefully, take a break and address the issue.

sleepless nights

Frustration and silence

If your partner snaps at you for minor things and prefers to keep quiet most of the time, chances are they are facing a tough phase. It could be due to work and family pressures or due to something eating them up from within. The best way to tackle the phase is to remain calm and handle them with care, even if they behave in an annoying way.

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Mood swings

Sometimes mood swings can be a result of stress and anxiety. So before you snap at your partner for their constant or frequent mood swings, try to understand their situation. A sudden change in behavior is often characterized by a harsh or unexpected situation. So never ignore your partner’s mood swings, talk to them and ask what is bothering them. Help them sail through the situation instead of making it worse for them.


If your partner is otherwise calm and composed, but shows aggressive behavior lately, it can be characterized by a stressful situation. So help them control their anger, wait for them to calm down, and then try to have a conversation with them. Never react with aggression, this can further make your partner stressed.

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