Amy Schneider becomes the first woman to win more than $ 1 million on “Jeopardy!”

Amy Schneider went on to break “Jeopardy!” records with her 28th victory Friday night and became the first woman in the show’s history to win more than $ 1 million in cumulative prize money. Schneider, an engineer from Oakland, California, is one of only four people to ever blow the $ 1 million mark on the regular season quiz show.

Since begins her streak last year, Schneider has won more games and more money than any other female participant in the show’s history. Only three other contestants – Ken Jennings, James Holzhauer and Matt Amodio – have won more matches and more money in the regular season.

When asked by Jennings, who co-hosts the show the rest of the season, how it felt to be a “Jeopardy!” millionaire, she simply replied, “pretty good.”

Schneider’s winnings now stand at $ 1,019,600, after taking $ 42,200 home Friday night. She is not yet close to third place Amodio when it comes to wins – he ended his streak at $ 1,518,601 – but she can overtake Holzhauer’s 32 wins in the coming days.

Schneider also broke records last year when she became the first transgender participant to qualify for the Tournament of Champions. In November, she tweeted about why she had chosen to wear a transflag pin on the show.

“The fact is, I actually do not think so often about being trans, and so when I appeared on national television, I wanted to represent that part of my identity precisely: just as important, but also relatively small,” she wrote. “But I also did not want it to seem like it was some kind of shameful secret. While it’s gratifying to know that people did not necessarily know I was trans before they read about it, I would like to “Let people know that aspect of me. I think it’s really cool to be trans!”


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