How long is Dying Light 2, and how many hours is the main story?


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some games, like Wordle and other indie titless, trying to be less experiences that you play for a few minutes or hours and then go. Dying light 2 is not one of those games. Iinstead, the people behind the game enthusiastically announce that it will take players over 500 hours to complete the open world sequel. I already feel tired.

Dying light 2the successor to 2018 surprising fun parkour-zombie-killin ‘originalwould never be a small game. The original was a game I easily sank around 70+ hours inside on PS4 and another 30+ hours inside the PC. But today is Dying light 2 Twitter account announced that it would take players at least 500 hours to “complete” the game. It’s many hours!

A follow-up tweet confirmed that this is not how long it will take to complete the main mission and side missions, but instead how long it will take to complete everything in the game’s undead urban wasteland. Most players will be able to get through it 80 hours or so.

Still, 500 hours is a long time. Pour one out for completion experts who will be forced to play Dying light 2 for over 3 weeks (or more) before they can stop playing and not feeling anxious about that. Luckily, I’m not one of them, so I’ll probably only spend about 100 hours or less on it Dying light 2 before I’ve been fed up with zombie killing and first person platform game.

I know young Zack, who did not have much money and could only get a few games a year, would be very excited about a single game offering 500+ hours gameplay. Older Zack is just too tired.

While the 500 hour statistics are a bit scary, I’m still excited about play more Dying light 2 after I have a chance to play a preview build last year. I had blasted with the improved combat and motion controls, and the new setting looks fine. I am also very interested in all the narrative choices Dying light 2 seems to include, and how many of them will be important, with long-lasting impact on the world or history in relation to how many there will be more or fewer insignificant.

Dying light 2 is out February 4 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch via cloud streaming. If you plan to play alone or with one friend, you should set aside a few uh … a hundred or so hours.


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