Lourdes Leon shares an unforgettable childhood memory with Britney Spears in ‘Solidarity’ of the pop star’s freedom

By Melissa Romualdi.

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Lourdes Leon has been a member of “The Britney Army” since a young age.

Madonna’s eldest child, 25, shared a big return to when she met Britney Spears during the superstar’s iconic 2003 MTV Video Music Awards performance with Lourdes’ famous mother. She posted an Instagram story last Saturday of a mirror selfie she took with the old framed photo of herself next to Spears backstage.

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“Solidarity,” Lourdes wrote in support of the “Womanizer” singer, after her 13-year-old conservatory finally closed in November.

Photo: Instagram / LourdesLeonz
Photo: Instagram / LourdesLeonz

Meanwhile, Spears has celebrated his freedom by posting some risky full-body mirror selfies covered in deliberately placed emojis. “Free women’s energy has never felt better,” she wrote to the Instagram post.

The music star also celebrated with Madonna earlier this week as she shared a video of herself dancing to “Nobody’s Perfect” in honor of enjoying a glass of red wine for the first time in over a decade.

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“I’m sure it looks weird that I dance so much to @madonna … I can see it … it’s like I’m not trying so much as if I’m pampering ….. yes it is [sic] exactly what her music does to me !!! ” wrote Spears. “I mean, I had my first glass of red wine last weekend !!! I’ve been waiting 13 years… that’s long enough !!! ”

Madonna stood up for her “Me Against the Music” collaborator during Spears’ conservatism campaign in July. “Give this woman her life back,” she wrote on her Instagram Story at the time, next to a photo of herself wearing a t-shirt with Princess of popname of it.

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“Slavery was abolished a long time ago! Death over the greedy patriarchy that has been doing this to women for centuries,” Madonna continued. “This is a violation of human rights! Britney, we’re coming to get you out of jail! “


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