Luann de Lesseps wants Fosé to put an end to ‘stigma’ of sober society

Luann de Lesseps created her non-alcoholic Fosé Rosé with one big goal in mind.

“I really hope it can help remove the stigma of making the choice not to drink,” said the Bravo star, 56, whose commitment to sobriety was highlighted in the final season of “The Real Housewives of New York. City “and Peacock’s” Ultimate Girls Trip “spin-off.

“This product was really born out of necessity,” de Lesseps said. “My daughter [Victoria] and I both do not drink and we were tired of being at the mercy of a mixologist. This is an elevated drink that will help you feel like you’re still part of the party. “

The “Money Can’t Buy You Class” singer continued: “No one likes being convicted of ordering a glass of Perrier. I wanted to make things easier for people who are sober. It’s also great for people who still drink and just want to take a break from alcohol. ”

Luann de Lesseps
The “Real Housewives of New York City” star launched his drink in late 2021.
countessluann / Instagram

De Lesseps – who prefers not to label her relationship with drinking as taking it “day by day” – noted that her sparkling drink is a “great option” for those attending Dry January.

“It’s full of euphoric and moisturizing properties,” she pointed out. “In addition, it really mimics the taste of a real rosé, which was important to me. You really would never know the difference. ”

Hilary Sheinbaum, author of “The Dry Challenge:” How to Lose the Booze for Dry January, Sober October, and Any Other Alcohol-Free Month, “told Side Six that non-alcoholic wine is actually a good alternative for temporary and partial abstainers.

A breakdown of Hilary Sheinbaum and her book "The dry challenge"
“The Dry Challenge” author Hilary Sheinbaum explained the benefits of non-alcoholic wines such as de Lesseps’ Fosé.
Lisa Richov, Harper Collins

“Whether you’re making a sober month or you just want to retain the same taste after reaching your limit for the night, a non-alcoholic wine can be very helpful depending on your goals,” Sheinbaum said.

“Having to explain these goals can be uncomfortable, so a product like Luanns can prevent the hassle of ordering a Diet Coke or whispering your mocktail order to the bartender. That way, you feel empowered to drink something you enjoy without that your personal choices are being questioned. ”

Luann de Lesseps
De Lesseps prefers not to feel her relationship to drinking as she takes it “day by day.”
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De Lesseps – who said she feels “more confident, alive and at peace” with herself without booze – hopes to expand her brand one day.

“I would love to launch other kinds of non-alcoholic wines,” she revealed. “But I think rosé was a good start. A lot of love and purpose went into it and made it taste perfect, so I’m excited that people seem to love it. I think that the sky is the limit here. “


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