No Man’s Sky Prisms Update

Hi, Games unveiled a big surprise on Twitter today in the form of a free new update to No Man’s Sky. This new 3.5 update, called the “Prisms Update”, adds a number of new features to the game, including a graphical overhaul.

No Man's Sky

The Studio has developed a habit of releasing major No Man’s Sky patches on a regular basis. The Prisms 3.5 patch gives the space exploration sim an aesthetic makeover as well as some gameplay tweaks. New texture effects, biome details, sky, reflections and warp effects as well as improved light, rain and particle effects are included in the update. The Exosuit headlight now has dynamic brightness. The game now uses colored and directional volumetric lighting to evoke the game, including Sentinel drone searchlights and spacecraft spotlights, as well as the glow of bioluminescent plants. When using your hyperdrive, the warp effects you see have been updated, providing a significantly better experience than the loading screens in previous versions of the game. These updates in visuals are especially noticeable in virtual reality.

Prisms Update introduces two critical changes to the game’s gameplay elements. The first significant change is the addition of rideable monsters. Low-flying creatures such as worms, butterflies and even beetles can now be tamed and ridden on. In addition, the range of exotic friends has been expanded so that you can adopt these cute monsters wherever you find them and they can now all be furry. The second change is rewards for meteorological weather hazard. Dangerous situations, such as lightning strikes, now have the potential to generate valuable goods. This gives explorers more significant motivation to land in dangerous biomes, like toxic worlds, to reap these rewards and become wealthy.

NVIDIA also revealed that No Man’s Sky Prisms Update would support DLSS technology, including when playing in virtual reality. The patch makes the feature accessible to PC users with an RTX graphics card.

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