Pussycat Dolls in War over Cancellation of Reunion Tour

Members of The Pussycat Dolls have issued conflicting statements about the alleged cancellation of their long-awaited and repeatedly delayed reunion tour.

Lead singer Nicole Scherzinger took to her Instagram Story last Friday to announce that “tour dates had to be canceled” due to the “ever-evolving circumstances surrounding the pandemic.”

“I have invested a tremendous amount of time, creative energy and my own finances in bringing this project back to life, and although I am obviously incredibly sorry for this decision, I am also very proud of what we were able to achieve in short time we had together before COVID, “she wrote.

Scherzinger, 43, ended her statement by saying she “can not put into words the amount of love, admiration and gratitude” she has for the girl group and their fans.

But hours later, her bandmates Carmit Bachar and Jessica Sutta shared a joint statement on their respective Instagram accounts indicating that they were unaware that the tour was being scrapped.

“We would like to say how incredibly disappointed we are to hear of an announcement on Instagram that the Pussycat Dolls reunion tour has been canceled. Right now, there has been no official notification about it,” began Bachar, 47, and Sutta, 39. .

“Either way, it seems like it’s the end of a chapter in an incredible, life-changing experience filled with some amazing memories that we will forever be grateful for,” they continued. “To the fans, we love you. Trust us, this is not the result we were hoping for. We wanted it as much as you because we value you all so much and it hurts our hearts , that you should wait so long for an answer, but it is unfortunately beyond our control. ”

Bachar and Sutta went on to say that although the trip may never turn into anything, this is “not the end of the Dolls’ story” as they have “created a sisterhood that will live on.”

Carmit Bachar and Jessica Sutta pose in a selfie.
PCD members Carmit Bachar and Jessica Sutta celebrated their “true sisterhood” after the news broke.
iamjessicasutta / Instagram

Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin seemed just as hopeful about the group’s future and wrote early Saturday on his Instagram Story that they were still “working so hard” to make the tour happen.

“We have all made personal and financial sacrifices, but that’s what it takes to be a team player in a ‘BAND’,” wrote Antin, 60. “Let’s not forget that there are 5 other members of this group. , which I like very much and which deserves to be heard. “

She concluded: “There are truths in this situation, I just hope they one day see the light.”

The group’s two other members, Ashley Roberts and Kimberly Wyatt, have not publicly commented on the alleged tour cancellation.

The Pussycat Dolls, who dominated the pop scene in the 2000s with hits including “Don’t Cha”, “Stickwitu” and “When I Grow Up”, announced in November 2019 that they were back together and touring. They also released a comeback single, “React”.

The international tour was due to launch in April 2020, but the spread of the new coronavirus led to more delays.

In the midst of the delays, Antin filed a lawsuit against Scherzinger in September 2021, accusing the singer of refusing to participate in the tour unless she gained a majority stake and complete creative control in the reunion.

Scherzinger’s lawyer, Howard King, later called Antin’s allegations “ridiculous and false,” Page Six said in a statement, “Nicole loves and respects PCD fans and hopes to one day be back on stage and perform the group’s amazing hits for them. this does not happen under these circumstances. “


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