Sonam Kapoor shares Imran Amed’s post to clarify Carrie Bradshaw’s ‘sari’ scene

The internet has been shared ever since their beloved character, Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker made a fashion faux pas on And Just Like That. In a scene. Carrie is shown preparing for a Diwali party, and she visits her friend Seema, who owns a store in Manhattan. Although it was a great moment just to see the evolution of Indian fashion and where it has reached, the show aroused a bit of a controversy as it indirectly referred to a lehengas as a sari.

Carrie is seen wearing a beautiful lehengas by Falguni and Shane Peacock in the scene, and she accessories it with a rosemohawk and a long braid. This scene did not go well with the audience who thought it was a great moment for Indian couture and the fashion icon missed the chance to educate his audience about the ethnic number.

Sonam Kapoor

To provide some clarity on this, Sonam Kapoor, who is the one person whose fashion advice and opinion we do not miss, shared a post by Imran Amed. In the post, he explained: “In yesterday’s episode, Carrie attended a Diwali party with an Indian character named Seema, played by Sarita Choudhury. Carrie asked if it would be appropriate to wear a sari. Come along, I thought! One of the joys of attending Indian cultural events and special occasions are the colors and textures of our clothes. The problem is that there are now millions of people out there who think what Carrie is wearing is a sari. It is not. ”

Furthermore, he added that it was not a cultural appropriation to wear the lehenga, but to call it a sari ruined the moment, “A few of you asked if I thought it was okay for Carrie to wear Indian clothes as a form of” cultural appreciation “Personally, I think it’s really cool. The world has already adopted yoga, ayurveda, turmeric… why not our clothes too, if done respectfully and accurately? And as for the last question, lehenga luh · heng · guh is pronounced.”

Sonam Kapoor

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