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Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America (LEDA) empowers a community of exceptional young leaders from under-resourced backgrounds. We
support their aspirations for higher education and professional success in order to create a more inclusive and equitable country. LEDA
believes that selective colleges are not only a gateway to opportunity but a nexus for the development of leadership in every field. By
helping talented students from under-resourced backgrounds access these institutions and providing them with the tools necessary to succeed,
LEDA seeks to ensure that this country’s leadership is truly reflective of its citizenry. LEDA’s vision is to build an inclusive
and equitable America where leadership reflects, celebrates, and supports diverse perspectives.

Each year, LEDA’s Summer
Institute serves 100 high-achieving high school juniors from low-income families, recruited from across the nation to become LEDA Scholars.
Throughout the intensive five-week program, Scholars participate in a rigorous seminar-style course called Aspects of Leadership , as well
as receiving college guidance, writing instruction, and standardized test preparation while experiencing a supervised version of collegiate
residential life.

Position Overview:

LEDA is seeking experienced and dedicated Writing Instructors to teach
during the 2022 Aspects of Leadership Summer Institute at Princeton University and to provide writing support to Scholars throughout the
2022-23 college application season.

LEDA’s writing curriculum prepares Scholars to write at the level expected at selective
colleges and universities, emphasizing academic argument, clarity of style and structure, research, and revision. Writing Instructors teach
2 -3 classes per week during the Summer Institute; syllabi, assignments, and instructional plans are provided. Writing Instructors also hold
weekly one-on-one conferences with each of their assigned Scholars to address their individual writing challenges; sections are limited to
13 Scholars.

During late summer through January, Writing Instructors support Scholars during the college application process by
providing several rounds of feedback on all college and scholarship application essays. This work is performed remotely, via the internet
and phone.

The 2022 Aspects of Leadership Summer Institute is scheduled to take place on the Princeton campus from June 25-July 30.
Writing Instructors are required to arrive in Princeton one week prior to the Summer Institute for training and to spend the summer in
residence. Campus room and board are provided. 

Key Responsibilities:

  • Teach writing classes (2
    class meetings/week) following instructional plans;

  • Schedule and conduct weekly one-on-one conferences lasting
    approximately forty-five minutes in the late-afternoons and evenings with each student;

  • Grade and provide written feedback
    for writing assignments according to provided rubric;

  • Attend weekly meetings and check-ins with the department head to
    discuss curriculum implementation and track student progress;

  • Meet and communicate with LEDA College Guidance and
    Residential Life staff as needed to ensure holistic support for students;

  • Complete a narrative evaluation of each student
    to be provided to the department head no later than one week after the end of Summer Institute;

  • Continue working with
    previously assigned Scholars on college essays from late-August through January, abiding by the timeline set forth by the department

  • Maintain timely and thorough communication with LEDA Scholars and College Guidance staff throughout the college
    application season.


  • A Master’s degree (completed or in-process)
    in English, Composition, Creative Writing, or related field

  • At least two years of experience teaching academic writing at
    the college level

  • Experience as a writing center consultant is preferred

  • A passion for helping students
    to achieve their full academic and personal potential

  • Excellent classroom management skills

  • Fluency on
    issues related to sexuality, gender, race, socioeconomic status, and identity

  • Ability to teach a diverse student

  • Clarity, enthusiasm, dedication, and professionalism

  • Demonstrated belief in LEDA’s Mission
    and Core Values


This position is a seasonal and temporary appointment and will be
compensated $6000 for the term of this engagement (5 weeks of Summer Institute + 1 week of training). Writing consulting for Scholars’
college applications will continue from the end of summer institute through January 15, 2023, and this position will be contracted at a rate
of $34 per hour. Specific deliverables and timelines (subject to student needs) will be outlined via a signed agreement at the inception of

Travel expenses to and from Princeton University are the responsibility of the employee. 

Please note that due
to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the location of Summer Institute 2022 is subject to change. If an in-person Summer Institute is not
possible due to COVID-19, positions will be adjusted to full-time remote positions with comparable responsibilities and

To Apply:

Submit cover letter and resume to employment@ledascholars.org with “Writing Instructor” in the
subject line. The priority deadline to apply is January 17.

Leadership Enterprise for a Diverse America is proud to be an equal opportunity employer.

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