‘YellowStone’ succeeded by not being ‘awake’

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The Dutton family about Paramount’s wildly successful western drama Yellowstone has captivated audiences for four seasons.

The figures for the show’s season four finale, which aired Sunday and ended in yet another cliffhanger, show that the episode was watched by 9.3 million viewers in total.

Deadline reported:

Yellowstone continues to defy gravity – and an industry-wide decline in linear assessments. The Season 4 finale of Paramount Network’s hugely popular drama starring the Oscar winner Kevin Costner hit a new series high with 9.3 million viewers in total in Live + Same Day, an increase of +81% compared to the season 3 finale (5.2 million). On January 2, the former L + SD viewer set overshadowed the season 4 premiere (8 million) and became the most watched TV show on cable since The Walking Dead Season 8 premieres at AMC in October 2017 (11.4 million).

Yellowstone become the # 1 series in 2021 across broadcast, cable and premium in both demos.

Some might attribute sharp writing, a good cast, and captivating storylines to the show’s unprecedented success. But Meghan McCain say Yellowstone takes other shows to the train station because it refuses to adopt progressive plotlines and values.

To write for Daily mail, the former co-host of The view clapped Costner and the creator, author and producer Taylor Sheridan to avoid wakefulness. That, she said, has been the recipe for the show’s ability to cultivate a dedicated audience.

McCain believed, “It will never win any awards, and critics ignore it, but Costner is not awake. Yellowstone has crushed the elite’s favorite show Succession in the ratings because it is the one that captures America’s true soul. “

McCain also cited what she described as an interruption between the audience and the American media, which she said is dominated by “left-wing views.”

She wrote:

And those who work in the mainstream media ignore everything that challenges their perceptions. That’s one of the reasons so many people expressed shock over Donald Trump’s victory in 2016, or more recently, over the outcome of the Kyle Rittenhouse case in Wisconsin.

They were just never aware of the other side of what their cohort of friends, media and left-wing celebrities were saying – so they were surprised. While left-wing political dominance is a problem across the media, it is nowhere more pronounced than in Hollywood. While there are actors and creators with views that are right-in-the-center, they have to hide their beliefs or risk the end of their careers. Even the slightest wobble from the marching orders from the awakened left is likely to result in a huge penalty.

McCain argued that Yellowstone has avoided Hollywood’s political landmines and that’s why it’s become a fan favorite.

“The show has not woken up, it is not trying to lecture anyone about everything that is wrong with our culture,” McCain added. Yellowstoneoutstanding success. “It does not portray the elitist perspective of coastal television writers and where they think the United States should go.”

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