YouTube removes music video critical of Joe Biden

An increasingly popular music video using images of Taliban violence and beating President Biden down over the withdrawal from Afghanistan was removed by YouTube.

Grammy-nominated singer John Ondrasik, whose “Blood on My Hands” received more than 250,000 views, claimed that the removal of the clip was an attack on freedom of expression.

“I just received notification that @YouTube has removed Blood on My Hands – White House Docu-Music Video,” he said, while also sharing a longer statement about the incident. ‘

“Before I posted, I placed a ‘Graphic Warning’ disclaimer at the front of the video to let the audience know that the content would not be suitable for a younger audience because of images of the Taliban’s atrocities,” Ondrasik said. “YouTube reviewed the video and inserted a restriction on child content, which I appreciated and found appropriate.”

He then accused the website of reversing the course after the video went viral and got more than 250,000 hits. Five days after he uploaded the song, the company said it was in violation of its “graphic content policy”.

John Ondrasik
Ondrasik called the removal of his video from YouTube an attack on free speech.
Getty Images / Maury Phillips

Ondrasik, 57, known for hits like “100 Years” and “Superman,” warned that YouTube’s actions were a threat to free speech.

“Failure to show the atrocities of the Taliban in any artistic statement about Afghanistan would be a gross injustice to the victims and enable the Taliban to continue the persecution of 40 million Afghan citizens,” he added. “The fact that YouTube removed the video after 5 days as it grew in reach should worry anyone who values ​​freedom of speech and advocacy for humanitarian purposes.”

In addition to graphic scenes with Taliban violence, the video also made fun of President Biden – referred to as “Uncle Joe.” Secretary of State Anthony Blinken referred to as “Winkin ‘Blinken,” while Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley is “Willy Milley.”

YouTube later reinstated the video, apologizing and telling Ondrasik that the decision to pull it down had been made by mistake.

“This was our error and we’ve re-posted your video. So sorry it happened and thank you for being patient while we found out, the company said.


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