Artist Peter Max’s daughter a ‘corrupt’ liar: guardianship lawsuit

Despite his daughter’s claims to the contrary, the famous pop artist Peter Max – worth a whopping $ 65 million – is no prisoner, claims the court-appointed guardian who controls his affairs.

The ill 84-year-old father of two whose works of art have created the enormous fortune, suffers from dementia and has had all aspects of his life – legal, personal and financial – under the control of the court since 2015.

The artist’s daughter, Libra Max, and a friend, Edward Tricomi, have been on a “Free Britney” -like campaign, claiming that the person in charge of Peter’s personal affairs – including his health care, activities and social visits – has ruined his life instead.

They even have a website,, which has received support from well-known names like Tony Danza and Mary Trump, with accusations that guardian Barbara Lissner has kept the artist isolated, drained his money and even taken his phone and his cats.

artist Peter Max is working on a painting of the Statue of Liberty aboard a boat in New York Harbor, as part of the July 4 celebrations in New York.
Peter Max is working on a painting of the Statue of Liberty aboard a boat in New York Harbor, as part of the festivities on July 4, 1987.

But it’s all a lie, claims Lissner, who is suing her daughter and Tricomi in the Manhattan Supreme Court for defamation.

Libra, 54, controls her father’s finances, and it is she who has “confiscated” Max’s phone and cats, according to Lissner’s case, noting that judges have repeatedly denied Libra’s allegations of mismanagement.

“[O]only she knows where they are, “Lissner said of the felines, claiming in his court papers that” Libra and Mr. Tricomi’s depravity know no bounds. “

Lissner, a lawyer who works with Holocaust victims and was appointed by in 2019 to oversee Peter’s affairs, claims in court papers that Libra and Tricomi have mistakenly accused her of kidnapping or even dealing with Peter; called her a Nazi; erroneously claimed that they have been excluded from seeing the artist and accused judges who disagree with them in taking setbacks.

The alleged smear campaign has been so effective that Lissner and her law firm are now receiving “emails and phone calls accusing them of crimes and threatening them,” according to court papers.

The weight Max has advocated for her father's release from a guardianship, which she claims is abuse.
Libra Max (right) has advocated for her father’s release from a guardianship, which she claims is abuse.
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Lissner claims that Peter Max requested guardianship because of “tension” and “mismanagement” of his affairs from his family, which includes Libra, his son Adam Max and his second wife, Mary, who allegedly abused the artist before committing suicide in age 52 in June 2019.

He rejected the idea of ​​putting Libra at the helm, according to Lissner’s case.

The weight Max was so difficult that she ran guard after guard, Lissner claimed.

Lissner wanted to resign last year, but the COVID-19 pandemic made it impossible, she said in court documents.

“It is my opinion that a number [guardians] stepped aside, quite frankly, because of all the pandemonium raised in the Max household [by Libra Max and Max’s late wife, Mary]”I do not like to speak ill of the dead, but that’s what I wanted to say,” Robert Johnson, a lawyer for Max’s son Adam, told The Post.

Peter Max has been under the court's spotlight for seven years.
Peter Max has been under the court’s spotlight for seven years.
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Peter’s son, Adam Max, told The Post that he backs Lissner.

“Everything Barbara Lissner claims is true,” he said. “Barbara Lissner gives my father excellent care. He has never been treated better in his life. “

Lissner’s allegations are “motivated by greed and a desire to silence Libra Max in order to expose the abuse of his father,” said Libra Max’s lawyer, Jeffrey M. Eilender. “The card is a web of lies and a money grab. Barbara Lissner continues to endanger Peter Max and must be removed immediately. Peter needs critical medical attention. The weight will not be silenced.”


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