Lyrics Anderson And Sprngbrk Gets A Divorce

It has just been revealed that Lyrics Anderson filed for divorce from Sprngbrk after five years of marriage. See the latest reports here.

The Shade Room notes the following: ‘After spending more than 5 years as a married couple, #LyricaAnderson and her husband go their separate ways. According to @TMZ_tv, Lyrica officially filed for divorce from #Sprngbrk, formally known as # A1Bentley, after being separated for a year. ‘

Sprngbrk jumped in the comments and said: ‘guys are late, we have not been together but everything is fine, hope everyone enjoys 2022.’

Someone said, ‘When you knew this was going to happen since Love & Hip Hop,’ and another follower said, ‘Better late than never. She should be divorced from that lady. ‘

One commenter wrote this: ‘Because what was tolerated in the past will no longer be tolerated in 2022 #goodjobsis.’

A follower said, ‘I mean … I’m not marrying a man who paints his nails in the first place, but hey,’ and one commenter said, ‘As she should. Anyone named Sprngbrk can not be taken seriously. ‘

Another said, ‘It was time she got out of the lesbian relationship.’

Back in 2019, it has been revealed Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood star Roccstar recently appeared on Domenick Nati Show , and the super producer had a lot to say about his teammates. Roccstar – whose real name is Leon Youngblood Jr. – shouted Ray J for trying to be “the black Hugh Hefner”, described Brooke Valentine as “vicious”, revealed that he would never trust Marcus Black, and claimed Lyrica Andersen The whole season was centered on lies.

During the interview, Nati Roccstar asked which cast member changes the most when cameras start rolling, and he said Valentine was evil on camera but much nicer in real life. However, it is Ray J who changes the most, from peaceful to mischievous.

Youngblood explained that Ray J comes from Compton and he can quickly screw things up. But at the reunion he became a Zen master and tried to promote peace and love among the cast.


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