Marvel’s Mephisto has been defeated in the most ridiculous way

In a shocking moment, Marvel’s Mephisto was defeated by Doctor Doom – using the best (and only) possible tactic to defeat the Devil himself.

Warning: contains spoilers for Wastelanders: Doom # 1!

The demon Mefisto is one of the most evil Marvel devices, as befits his nature as de facto Devil of the Marvel Universe – but even the Devil can lose from time to time. The Prince of Darkness has interfered in the lives of many innocents – not unlike Marvel’s Watcher – but his intentions are purely evil. IN Wastelanders: Doom # 1, Marvel puts evil against evil when Doctor Doom goes up against Satan … and winner in a shocking scene.

In it Wastelanders series, the world of The old man Logan explored from different points of view. Wolverine, Hawkeye and Star-Lord all have their own trials and tribulations, but this number is dedicated to Victor Von Doom. With his power, Doom rules over large parts of Wasteland, but some corners are strange to him. He travels to a community that has been manipulated to such an extent that almost all residents of the city greet him with a cheerful disposition – even though most are incredible afraid of Doom as he passes.


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Doom seeks to understand the true nature of the magic behind the community. A woman greets him (who Doom discovered to be in control, as do the other members of the city), and escorts him to some sort of trial to determine if he is worthy to meet the city lord. The first test is a confrontation with Mephisto, where he holds Doom’s mother in his hand and taunts him if he will try to save her another time. “Do you think that’s scary?” challenges Doom. “That’s how I spend every night. I’ve gotten used to the pain of her screams. They’re all I have left of her.”


Doctor Doom is a conqueror and a dictator, but he is not without humanity. Doom’s failure to save his mother is in part what drove him to gain even more power. It is the element that sets him apart from other villains with one tone, such as the red skull, which is simply evil for the sake of evil. Doom really does not think of himself as evil – but he does think of himself as powerful, and in this case it takes an enormous amount of willpower to resist the Devil.

Doctor Doom did what other heroes like Spider-Man could not – resist the Devil’s offer to give him his most desired wish: his mother’s resurrection. Basically, Doom defeated the Devil by doing absolutely nothing. Nevertheless, Doctor Dooms holding still requires iron will, especially when one remembers how many people Mefisto have used.

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