Pros and cons of rebuilding DCEU

Over the past few weeks, rumors have been circulating on the Internet about the upcoming DCEU Flash movies that completely restore the DC Universe. DC and Warner Bros. have not made any official statements about their plans to reclaim the franchise, but that has not stopped fans from speculating.

After receiving incredible amounts of both praise and backlash, some longtime viewers believe a retcon could be good for the franchise, while others believe it can unnecessarily complicate the plot of past, present and future films. There are pros and cons to both arguments, so until Lightning coming to the cinema, it will be impossible to say.


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Pro: Retcon could explain plot holes and discrepancies in the franchise

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DC viewers have noticed that parts of the timeline do not really match. For example, people wondered why Aquaman did not call his friends from Justice League to help him when the film allegedly took place before Aquaman. He was also named after Hurricane Arthur, which first appeared in 2014 considering it Aquaman takes place only a few years later, sometime around 2016, the hero is technically only a few years old.

Small details help create the bigger picture and DCEU has lost the ball. Rediscovering the franchise can provide explanations for missing details and confusing plot holes that have caught viewers ’attention.

Con: Retcon could offend the parts of Franchise fans who already love

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Despite all the laxity DCEU gets, fans keep watching because of their commitment to the heroes of the comics. Despite all the bad, there is just as much good to be found, so retconning may end up leasing the impact of some of these moments. When going through such a big shift in the series, it can be hard to know when the limit has been reached. Without careful planning, retcon could easily go too far, and in turn remove all the good that has been done in the franchise so far.

Pro: Retcon was able to deeply explore flashpoint and the multiverse

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After introducing Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen to Grant Gustin’s Barry Allent during the CW Flash series, time travel and travels through Speed ​​Force will definitely play a big role in the upcoming movie. If the film can establish some solid rules for how time travel works in the DCEU, using the multiverse as a way to rebuild the franchise would give them a chance to tell even more stories on unexplored timelines, thus separating any upcoming films from the films. of the past that fell short among the audience.

Con: DCEU may not be ready for a Retcon

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It takes a lot of planning and strategy to be able to reclaim a franchise successfully, and although fans have been quite accommodating about the issues they have with previous projects, DCEU keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over again. After struggling so much in the past to patch holes and strengthen their weak points, DCEU may not be ready for something as drastic as a total retcon. If DC can not rectify the mistakes fans have pointed out to them, the chances of being able to reshape the franchise seem completely questionable.

Pros: DCEU could be better connected to DCTV

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CWverse has had great success with shows like Arrow, The Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrowetc., and that success has remained steady for many years. The DC Inspired TV series is quite consistent in terms of plot and world structure, and the show writers managed to form almost seamless connections between the various branches of their TV universe.

Ezra Miller made a brief cameo during an episode of Lightning, so it is clear that DCEU and DCTV are trying to build some more bridges between their worlds. Miller’s performance with Gustin confirms that the universes are connected by a system of parallel worlds, so recreating the DCEU and placing some more emphasis on the idea of ​​time travel (or multivershopping) would also provide more room for these two halves to become a united whole. . This idea would definitely breathe new life into the DCEU if carried out correctly.

Con: DCEU could get even more confusing

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Retcon goes one of two ways: it works great, makes a franchise even bigger, or it falls flat among fans. Superhero-focused projects are all extremely complex in nature, and they often combine stories of origin, character development, and connections with other heroes in the universe. Given all the cartoon background characters that have, it’s unusually difficult to translate it on screen.

One of the biggest complaints DCEU receives is that their stories lack details and have plot holes, so attempts to rediscover and patch these things up can result in even more confusion for fans. For the reconnaissance to be successful, the DCEU must go back to the beginning and flush out all the discrepancies they encounter. But spending too much time on damage control would remove Barry Allen’s story and set the film up for failure.

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