The Knicks’ Evan Fournier was injured and had played big games against the Celtics

BOSTON – Evan Fournier went out on the pitch before the game on Saturday night to try to loosen a contusion in his left thigh in hopes of being able to play the game against the Celtics, but without success.

And if there was one team that Fournier would have liked to have played against, it would definitely be the Celtics. In three games against Boston this season, he has scored an average of 35 points per game. match – 32, 32 and then 41 on Thursday for a career high. This was just the second match he has missed this season.

Fournier could not explain after the career-best match why he was so successful against Boston, a team for which he played short last season and appeared in 16 games after a mid-season trade. And he could not explain how he went from zero points Tuesday against Indiana to the 41-point effort.

More injury news

Nerlens Noel was out again with what the team said was renovation work after being in health and safety protocols. This was the ninth absence in a row for Noel, who has missed 23 of the first 40 matches.

Kemba Walker was out for the fifth game in a row with what the team said was a sore left knee. He was examined by the team’s doctors on Monday and no structural damage was found.

“We just want to make sure his knees calm down,” Knicks coach Tom Thibodeau said. “He does more. He is day-to-day. When he is ready, he is ready.”

Grimes steps up

With injuries and absences this season, rookie Quentin Grimes has had significant playing time, already appearing in 21 games and averaging 12.1 minutes per game. match. He has also gained the confidence of his coach.

“I think the great thing about him is his toughness and competitiveness,” Thibodeau said. “He already has the shooting profile that you’re looking for. He has the ability to make threes and there’s a huge defensive component to him. So he has all the qualities that will allow him to get better and better as time goes by. As with most young guys for the first time, they learn and grow. Trial and error is a big part of learning. So just get better and better. “


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