Clare Crawley and Blake Monar Have Fun on Instagram: Could They Shack?

Clare Crawley has apparently gone from joining Dale Moss …

… to sheep posted by Blake Monar.

If a particular recent Instagram photo is to be analyzed and believed, i.e.

Clare Crawley with coffee

On Sunday, January 9, the polarizing ex-bachelorette posted on her Instagram page a video montage from a trip to Indiana.

To the surprise of many observers, it showed that Crawley looked pretty cozy with Monar, a grooming specialist she sent home after just two weeks of dating shows in late 2020.

The footage was uploaded just over three months after Clare and ex-fiancé Dale Moss, whom she chose as the winner of season 16, split up for the second and final time.

“Went on a business trip, back with the most unexpected remarkable memories!” Clare subtitles her post. “Indy, you were really beautiful and exactly what my soul needed.”

Clare Crawley and Blake Monar

In the social media clip, which has fans all over the nation buzzing, Clare and Blake are seen shopping and driving in a car together, going bowling and playing with their niece and little nephew.

For his part, Monar – who also competed in Bachelor in Paradise season 7 last summer – shared on his Instagram Story a video of himself and his niece pushing Clare on a toy car inside a house.

He also shared a clip (above) of himself and Crawley walking outside with his arms around her.

“How’s it going on black ice with a grown man hanging on his back @clarecrawley?” asked Monar as an intriguing caption.

Clare Crawley close

Neither Crawley nor Monar have commented on these posts and / or the status of their relationship.

However, Clare has said very late about Moss.

“It’s the deep pain of – it’s the one that makes me – like, how do you say goodbye to someone you never wanted to leave?” she said on Jana Kramer’s podcast Whine Down With Jana Kramer in October.

“You have to say goodbye to someone you do not want to say goodbye to, you have to walk away from someone you do not want to walk away from. It’s hard, it’s painful.”

Dale and Clare kiss

Crawley reportedly fell so badly in love while filming The Bachelorette that she saw no reason to continue filming.

After just a month or so on the set, Moss suggested … Crawley said yes … the two left the program and Tayshia Adams took over as the show’s anchor.

After giving several interviews together as an engaged couple and swearing that their love was genuine and openly talking about having children in the near future, Moss and Crawley parted ways in early 2021.

However, they reunited a few weeks later.

Clare and Dale are back

This fall, Crawley and Moss broke up again.

And it did not take long before things got ugly.

“I always feel like I do not want to regret, and I do not even know if I would have done things differently because I did the best I could at the time with the information I had,” Crawley continued on the aforementioned podcast .

“And if my greatest regret is to trust the process, to trust a man’s words and the one he showed me he was, I do not think it’s a regret.”

Dale Moss and Clare Crawley: All the best!

Clare did not make any specific allegations against Moss.

But she added:

“I trusted someone.

“I believed in someone that they were who they said they were [and] that they would keep the promises they make when they fall to their knees. “

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