‘Cowboys House’ has become a popular attraction in Hawaii – CBS Dallas / Fort Worth

(CBSDFW.COM) – Since the Cowboys are ready to rock the house that Jerry built, it’s not the only house where the team will have a home court advantage in the preliminary round of the playoffs.

Shelley Ahia, a Cowboys fan, says: “I got people from Dallas, Texas to contact me to say they would come by the house, only to find out we were out in Hawaii.”

Yes, Hawaii. Eva Strand. Hawaii.

The Ahia family has started a tradition of honoring the true meaning of Christmas while celebrating their love for America’s Team into the new year.

Shelley admits, “we had people from all over the world visiting. They were all here on vacation. As soon as they landed, they came with suitcases just to take pictures with the famous Dallas Cowboys House in Hawaii.”

Cowboy House in Hawaii (Credit: Shelley Ahia)

She explains “it was amazing that something as small as an idea for us could reach the world.”

How does the passion of being a Dallas Cowboys fan reach Hawaii?

Shelley’s husband, Waldo, explains: “I was in 3rd grade when I became a Dallas fan. It was the star that drove me to the team. Whether they won or lost, I stuck with it.”

Now the Ahia are stuck with the pressure of having to peak this year … next year and the years after.

With the average price to decorate the house of $ 10,000, they will remind anyone that their pride in their team is invaluable.

When asked, “If you could deliver a message to the Dallas Cowboys organization and team, what would that message be?”

Waldo replied, “I just want to say keep up the good work. Been there. All the way from Eva Beach Hawaii messing with them. We feel it in our bones. It’s our year.”

The Ahias are not alone in hoping that all the stars agree this time.


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