Former WWE star performs at IMPACT Wrestling Taping

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The day after IMPACT Wrestlings buzzworthy Hard To Kill event, the campaign held TV footage and delivered several surprises. Among other notable developments, a former WWE star appeared and confronted one of IMPACT’s top stars. Spoilers are available below.

According to spoilers from The IMPACT Asylum, Charlie Haas confronted former IMPACT world champion Josh Alexander when the latter cut a promo. Alexander expressed his intention to challenge Moose to the IMPACT World Championship, but Haas interrupted him.

The 49-year-old challenged Alexander to a match, but the fan-favorite star rejected him. Alexander stated that he was focused on the IMPACT World Championship, but Haas attacked him and triggered a fight between the two men. After security officials separated them, Alexander Haas accepted the challenge, presumably for the same set of footage.

Haas spent several years in the WWE prior to his release in 2010. He was particularly a member of Team Angle with Kurt Angle and Shelton Benjamin. As the world’s largest roof team, Haas and Benjamin were a famous duo; they won the WWE Tag Team Championship twice together. Haas also held the gold with Rico. Benjamin and Haas won the Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship twice together.

Haas has been competing on the independent scene in recent months; he is the reigning SWE Heavyweight Champion.

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