Gabrielle Union shares a racist story behind the ‘Bring It On’ movie

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Gabrielle Union shared a shocking secret that explains why the “Bring It On” trailer is so different from the movie.

For years, fans have been off Came with it wondered why certain scenes in the trailer were omitted from the film.

Now Gabrielle explains that the scenes were not included in the film because they were filmed after the film was wrapped.

The image may have been deleted


Gabrielle played “Isis,” the top cheerleader for Clovers, a black cheerleading team from Compton that takes on a team from a wealthy school in the cheerleading championship.

The cult classic also appeared last Natina Reed and Shamari DeVoe as the Clovers and Kirsten Dunst, Eliza Dushku, and Jesse Bradford as the rival cheerleaders who lose the title to the more talented Clovers.

“Story time!” said Gabby at the beginning of a now viral TikTok video that featured clips from the trailer.

“So we shot these excerpts, as you see here, after the film was wrapped up, because once the test audience saw the film, they wanted more of the clover. We recorded these [scenes] only for the trailer, not for the movie, to make people think we were more in the movie than we were. The end. “

Over 2 million viewers watched the Tiktok video.

Watch the Tiktok video and movie trailer below.

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