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What exactly does Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft want from the Missouri election?  - STATE MISSOURI

  • What exactly does Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft want from the Missouri election?

On November 30, 2020, Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft boldly proclaimed that when it came to voting during a pandemic, “Missouri showed the rest of the country how to do it.”

We certainly did. Or maybe we would have done it if the other 49 states had looked on. We are never told, as none of them had the decency to express their gratitude.

Ashcroft’s bold words had been uttered seventeen days after Donald Trump’s Department of Homeland Security declared the 2020 election “the safest in American history.” It’s unclear why the nation should have shown how to settle a Show-Me state election, but that’s all good.

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And it must be emphasized that Ashcroft rattled at a time when the big lie had just been hatched like a baby fiber. There had been no time to develop a rationalization to prove Missouri’s superiority in having been won by Trump.

However, it can be a blessing. It seems that our Republicans in Missouri – and Ashcroft in particular – are a bit confused as to how to take a stand on a narrative in which sentences flow one after the other.

For example, consider this headline from Missouri independent last week:

“Jay Ashcroft claims the integrity of Missouri’s 2020 election, but supports a revision.”

Of course he does. I mean, nothing says “we ran a clean election” like the further comment that “we should have the damn thing revised though.”

Such is the life of Republicans who are clumsily trying to usher in a post-democracy era in a state where they are already winning big. “We need to take steps to ensure that no election is ever again stolen from Donald Trump! As for states like Missouri (which Trump won by 18 and 15 percentage points in the last two cycles), yes, it just shows you. Something or second, la la la. You know what I mean. ”

The whole situation is incoherent, praising Ashcroft as the man for the job. Consider this bit of an election philosophy that our Secretary of State has repeatedly expressed publicly about access to ballot papers. This is from Missouri Times:

“I think there needs to be a re-evaluation of what the purpose of our choice is. We’ve focused on convenience to the point where we might lose what we want to get out of a choice,” Ashcroft continued. “We need it to be easy for any legitimate voter to be able to vote. But choice is not like picking up your groceries at the grocery store; we need to make sure that while we continue to make sure it’s easy to vote. to the election, we do not cheap elections – that we still have confidence in how it is conducted, and we do it in such a way that people can still have faith.Is the purpose of a choice just to choose your person or is the purpose of a elections really for legitimate voters to vote for who they want? ”

Okay then. I’m not sure what to make of all that, other than to feel confident that I will not vote at the Schnucks box office at some point soon. And there is something disturbing about a sitting foreign minister uttering the phrase “what we want to get out of an election” in connection with state law.

Ashcroft is hard to follow, to confusion. The man shows periodic outbursts of integrity, such as when he asked Auditor General Nicole Galloway to help him in a 2018 investigation into whether Senator Josh Hawley, the R-Kremlin, had misused state resources in his election campaign that year. (Shortly after, in what could have just looked as a hostage statement, Ashcroft announced that there was nothing to see here.)

Similarly, Ashcroft has been outright brave in declaring that President Joe Biden legally won the 2020 election. It’s pretty daring for a Republican these days, so much so that it’s too early to assume that statement will not come back. one day.

I would love to praise Ashcroft for the shocking outburst of truth. But something tells me that those words will change if Ashcroft – as a chained senator Ted Cruz last week – gets a performance on Tucker Carlson’s “Have You Been a Naughty Nazi?” segment where the host dresses another wing nut for disloyalty to Dear Leader and the mission.

Do you see, just when you want to feel good about Good Jay for refusing to promote Trump’s big lie, comes Bad Jay, who makes it known that he’s fully involved in the new Texas election law, one of the country’s most blatant and corrupt efforts to oppress the electorate.

The Brennan Center for Justice is suing Texas and its most prominent Big Lie lawyer, Federal Attorney General Ken Paxton, over the election law:

“The bill makes it a crime for election officials to encourage eligible voters to apply to vote by letter. And it threatens pollsters with criminal prosecution if they try to stop party political pollsters from harassing or intimidating voters. These new sanctions are a new sanction. an example of a disturbing new trend in state legislation targeting election officials and poll workers. ”

If things are going so smoothly in Missouri now – do you remember how “we showed them” in 2020? – why should the state of all places have to model itself after Texas? Are they not ready to secede from the Union? And do Republicans have trouble getting a fair shake in Missouri?

The answer is that there is no answer. In fact, there is not even a question. Democrats have just been slaughtered in the 2020 election, including in Ashcroft’s own Secretary of State race. How urgent are Republicans to revise the election – to hit Vlad Putin’s 90 percent plus numbers?

Perhaps had they been wiser, the Democrats might have gone completely crazy and started screaming about how Ashcroft stole the election from our duly elected Governor Nicole Galloway. It worked for the last man.

Trump justly lost in a landslide in 2020, both in the referendum (as many as 7 million votes) and the Electoral College (a beating by a margin of 306-232 votes). But across the nation, Republican sycophants are demanding fake “audits” from WWE-like characters like “Cyber ​​Ninjas” in Arizona. And even the can not invent the results that the former Psychopath boss demands.

So it is only natural that Missouri will act as a full partner in the next iteration of the big lie. And if that’s the case, what better guy than Jay Ashcroft to make sure “we get what we want out of the election”? 0x006E

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