Kandi Burruss is looking for amazing people to add to her team

Kandi Burruss looking for some amazing people to add to her team. Check out her message that was posted on her social media account.

‘I’m looking for some great people to add to my team. All information is on the flyer, “Kandi wrote in her post.

Someone said: ‘And @whitneywildrose had the UDACITY to let @kandi be out of a conversation about entrepreneurship in the housewives franchises! Girl, goodbye! ‘

One fan said: ‘If there is one thing I love about @kandi, it is that she will definitely create opportunities for others to benefit from and grow from.’

Another said; “Keep an eye on @ the.elevatedculture in that email,” and another follower said, “you are an amazing woman.”

Kandi also shared the following photo and fans are awe.

“Oh, the three against Marlo Sheree and the beginner,” and another follower said, “Then it’s Kenya, Kandi and Drew vs. Marlo, Sheree and Sanya.”

Another said, ‘I heard Drew tell the truth about the Prophet. is she back in Kenya’s hood graces? ‘

Kandi Burruss shared some beautiful photos on her social media account with her family. Check out the post she shared on her IG account here.

Someone said, ‘you and your family look amazing, Kandi!’ and several followers agreed and praised them all.

Kandi Burruss miss the good old days when life was safe outside. Check out the emotionally charged post she shared on her social media account below.

‘It popped up in my memories. That was a few years ago when it was still safe to be out! The good old days, oh how I miss them! ‘ Kandoi subtitles her post.

Someone said, ‘I know one thing … If you post ONE more memory and I do not show up, I’ll take it personally !!’ and a follower wrote this: ‘I know well we want safe days left. love you Kandi. ‘


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