Producer Knxwledge calls rapper Meek Mill up after one of his remixes was removed from the internet due to a copyright strike, claiming that he has finished remixing Meek’s music and states that he made the best Meek Mill album ever.

After Knxwledge added music to one of Meek’s corner freestyles of the time, Mex’s team allegedly got the video removed from social media as part of a copyright removal, effectively ending Knx’s Meek remix series, which has run for years.

On Twitter, the producer complained, saying he has made the best Meek Mill album ever.

Romain Maurice / Getty Images

“I’m not sure what’s more idiotic. Taking down music that gives you more exposure or simply does not know what an * cking remix is,” Knxwledge wrote. “N *** as really copyright hit a corner freestyle that I was allowed to turn from videographer, only reason I can think of is because this 1 remix got more plays than brother has in the last 10 years Whatever the meek series over w. Grab the tapes while you can. To all my heads keep the raw remixes alive, it’s only a matter of time until the art of remixing is completely dead. Be sure to get one lawyer and thank you for always listening. “

Knxwledge went on to claim that he made the best Meek Mill album before sharing links to the many mixtapes he has made based on Meek’s similarity.

Meek did not respond to Knxwledge at the time of this release. We will keep you updated if he responds.