All the ‘This Is Us’ merch you need to celebrate last season

Warning: This story may contain spoilers for anyone not caught up with the series.

January marked the beginning of the return of many beloved TV shows, including NBC’s tearful “This Is Us”. The first episode of the last sixth season premiered on January 4th, and from the events that took place, it looks like we are ending the series as we started: on an emotionally charged roller coaster.

Kate, Randall and Kevin – affectionately known as “The Big 3” – are already ready to deal with some major life changes and realizations. As an avid fan since the beginning, I’m sad that the series ends, but grateful that there is a show that depicts such different and realistic life experiences.

To kick off the new and final season, I dug through the most creative corners of the internet to round out the coolest “This Is Us” fanmarch. From starring coffee mugs to a copy of a true autographed script from the pilot episode to Jack’s iconic Pittsburgh Steelers Terrible Towel, a sign of nostalgia for any “This Is Us” fan.

And if you have not caught up yet, you can stream all seasons, including the current one, on Hulu.


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