Clayton Echard responds to news of Cassidy’s “F – k Buddy”: Can I take her rose back ?!

Folks, it’s only week two and we have the first Bachelor cliffhanger!

With her horrible dance moves and her obvious lack of respect for the challenges of mental illness, Shanae earned absolutely the most enemies last night.

But it is Cassidy Timbrooks who is in danger of having her rose lifted after a bomb revelation about her life at home.

Needless to say, if you’re one of those people who complained that the guys in Michelle’s season were too cute and boring, you’ll probably feel a lot more entertained this time around.


At any rate, Clayton made her first dubious decision as a bachelor when he gave Cassidy a group dating rose, despite basically saying “f – k them kids” while helping prepare for a children’s birthday party,

For a guy who claimed he wanted to see how participants interact with kids, Echard certainly seemed much more interested in having fun by the pool.

But perhaps Clayton felt he was performing a public service by keeping Cassidy as far away from these children as possible.

Clayton and Cassidy Kiss

“I spend as little time around you little people as possible,” Cassidy told one of the young partygoers.

“I’m not here to hold a birthday party for a child,” she later admitted to the camera, apparently missing the point of the group deal.

She ended things by dropping the birthday cake (which of course was made by someone else) on the ground, which apparently seemed to be hysterically funny.

Cassidy on The Bachelor

“They’re threatened by me, and they should be,” Cassidy taunted after the other women criticized her for not helping with the party.

Clayton turned a blind eye to all this, and Cassidy’s manipulations seemed to work on him.

“I’m having so much fun and I really like you,” she cooed to him during their ample time alone.


“You show that you are here for me and also open up tonight, it meant a lot to me,” he replied.

But apparently Cassidy did not open up quite enough … at least not to Clayton.

Instead, she was shockingly honest housemate Sierra, and she learned the hard way that it can be a very bad move to open up to a contestant so early in the competition.

Sierra J.

“Earlier today, Cassidy told me she had a f — buddy at home,” Sierra said in an interview.

Footage of the conversation was recorded on camera, so we know that unlike Shanae, Sierra is not just an insane, pathological liar.

We heard Cassidy talk about his “younger” friend with benefits, and how he could not wait to hang out with her after she finished filming.

Cassidy T.

(She was apparently allowed to tell her sidekick that she had been cast in a reality show – but not which one.)

“It’s pretty disturbing to hear that,” Clayton replied to Sierra’s claims.

It was then that he called in his double Jesse Palmer and asked the question that could change the course of bachelor history:

Clayton Echard in 2022

“Has anyone ever taken a rose back before?” asked Echard.

Talk about a rocky second week as Rose-Master General!

“I’m still trying to navigate how to become a bachelor, and this week was so telling for me that I’m in the right place here,” an optimistic Echard told the ladies at the cocktail party.

Clayton Echard and Hilary Duff

We wonder if he still felt the same way at the end of the episode.

Oh good.

At least he did not give the other group computer to Shanae.

Clayton’s reputation may have never recovered from that move.

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